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RE4, SC3, on PS2

Let me tell you, game hunting can be a real headache. On the 25th of Oct., when everybody thought that RE4 & SC3 was to be released, I almost went crazy. O.K. I took off that day from work for 1 reason, to get these two games a play them all day long.

1st stop: Gamestop: I went here first, they should have it I thought. The cleck told me that they don't have them yet. "WHAT?" "When was they supposed to be released?" she asked. "Today", I said. "Sorry, we don't have them yet", she said. It was cool, I didn't get mad, besides she was cute.

2nd stop: Best Buy: I looked in Best Buy next. I didn't see either game on display. I asked the guy" Do you have RE4 or SC3? "No" he said, "Are you serious?" I asked. Now I'm getting a little pissed, I should be home playing these games by now. I'm wasting time trying to find a store that has them.

3rd stop: EB Games: "Do you have RE4 & SC3" I asked the clerk. "yes" he said. "Thank God, I've been driving all around looking for these games, I'll take a copy of each." "Sorry, they not on sale until tomorrow" "NO, no. They released today" I said. "They got shipped to retailers today, they on sale tomorrow." I was at a lost for words by this point. I calmly told the guy to save me a copy of each one, and I'll be back tomorrow.

Needless to say, I think these gaming sites don't know the difference between a release date and a shipping date. I have the games now, and I think I'll be able to avoid months of therapy. I was about to go crazy. :D

Driving all around the city: $30

Missing that day from work: $107.35

Buying RE4, SC3+Brady Games book: $120.09

Taking this weekend off to play these games: Priceless