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Happy Holidays!!

Well, it's 9:50 PM here on Christmas Eve. I'm just writing to wish all my GS friends a Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday. Chances are with the big day were having tomorrow, I won't get the chance to sign on, and if I do, it will be just for a minute or two. So, with that said, have a happy and safe holiday, and I'll be back later in the week.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!

That's right, today is my 21st birthday! It's time to party hard and enjoy the day. I'll be expecting a gift from each of you.:lol:

Have a great day guys & gals, I know I will.:wink:

To all my friends

This is just a little Thank You to all you guys and gals. I've got a Popular emblem, and that's cool. We have to celebrate. This calls for a sexy party. 8) Be there! :lol:

Skipped Level 16

Wow, I'm not sure what I did or how it happened, but I completely skipped level 16. I went to bed last night 0n level 15 with 98%, and when I woke up, I'm level 17 with 4%

BTW does anybody know what the highest GS level is?

Back On-Line

Well, I've been off-line for the past couple off days. My computer was taken over by the spy-ware that has been floating around. It completely disabled my whole computer, I couldn't even sign onto the computer without hundreds of ads popping up. After awhile, my comp. just froze competely, and nothing worked at all. Luckly my uncle is a huge computer geek and he went in and completely removed all the spy-ware. He ended up adding a new harddrive to it. My old HD with all my files and pics, and music, sadly had to go. So now it seems I have a new computer, I'm busy on-line trying to find all the old programs that was on my old HD. I'm also looking into some good spyware and adware protection, because not being able to use your own computer really sucks.

RE4, SC3, on PS2

Let me tell you, game hunting can be a real headache. On the 25th of Oct., when everybody thought that RE4 & SC3 was to be released, I almost went crazy. O.K. I took off that day from work for 1 reason, to get these two games a play them all day long.

1st stop: Gamestop: I went here first, they should have it I thought. The cleck told me that they don't have them yet. "WHAT?" "When was they supposed to be released?" she asked. "Today", I said. "Sorry, we don't have them yet", she said. It was cool, I didn't get mad, besides she was cute.

2nd stop: Best Buy: I looked in Best Buy next. I didn't see either game on display. I asked the guy" Do you have RE4 or SC3? "No" he said, "Are you serious?" I asked. Now I'm getting a little pissed, I should be home playing these games by now. I'm wasting time trying to find a store that has them.

3rd stop: EB Games: "Do you have RE4 & SC3" I asked the clerk. "yes" he said. "Thank God, I've been driving all around looking for these games, I'll take a copy of each." "Sorry, they not on sale until tomorrow" "NO, no. They released today" I said. "They got shipped to retailers today, they on sale tomorrow." I was at a lost for words by this point. I calmly told the guy to save me a copy of each one, and I'll be back tomorrow.

Needless to say, I think these gaming sites don't know the difference between a release date and a shipping date. I have the games now, and I think I'll be able to avoid months of therapy. I was about to go crazy. :D

Driving all around the city: $30

Missing that day from work: $107.35

Buying RE4, SC3+Brady Games book: $120.09

Taking this weekend off to play these games: Priceless   


OK, today on the 22nd of Oct. 2005, I finally beat Fatal Frame 2, and it was awesome. The ending was kinda sad though, I mean, Maya was a pain and she did get in the way from time time, but I didn't want her to die:( I got loads of unlockables to play with now, like mission mode, which I love already. It's very challenging to me, hard mode, and the new costumes are cool, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember. I'll be playing  again soon to try to improve my rank, I got an E the first time.

Well, I'm ready for Fatal Frame 3. I can't wait to play that one. In the words of Joe Swanson on Family Guy


Wesker is on fire!

Played RE4 earlier today, I was playing the Mercs. mini game, and I beat my own high score on the castle level. My previous high was 129K held by Krauser. Today I took that down using Wesker and posted a 155K. :D

Wesker now holds the high score on all four levels. The funny thing is, Wesker isn't even my favorite character to use. :?

My High Score

Just got finish playing Resident Evil 4, the Mercs. Mini game. I beat my own high score on Water World, which was 116,480 with Krauser. I just racked up a 120,390 with Wesker. :D