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Total War


Another post today, just asking if anyone play any of the total war games. I'm a stratergy fan but never had a powerful enough desktop to play high def, complicated games. So basically i'm asking for what total war i should buy and your thoughts on the games. Thanks

Homefront Coming soon

Hi guys, sorry that its been a will from the last post, i've just been a bit busy lately. Just like to dedicate this one to homefront which is coming out soon in February. Just wanted to ask everyone what they thought of the game preview videos and whether you guys would buy it, thanks. Read reviews i'll read yours now i'm not so busy!!


Hello everyone, have a look at my two reviews and tell me what you think. Could you also tell your mates about them aswell

WW e2011

Yey, just got WWE 2011. I think WWE games are great because inside you know its all fake and its funny how hyped up people get about it. But none the less the WWE games have always been on my shopping list!!


Great Christmas!!! Got my PSP go which is pretty awesome!! Reach is cool but I didn't get cod7!! But never mind!! Hope all you folks out there got what you wanted!! Merry Xmas until next year!!


Can't wait til Christmas!!! Hope i get my PSP Go, Halo Reach and COD7!! Have a great Christmas everyone!

NBA Elite 11

So annoyed that NBA Elite 11 isn't going to be released until after Christmas cause of problems with the game. I won't buy 2K as i don't think it is a good. I'll just have to play NBA 2010


Can't wait for Homefront to come out in February. It's just before my Birthday so I'm going to get it. The multiplayer looks absolutely fantastic with teams of 16 and massive tanks everywhere!! My favourite line in the release video is when a man says, 'Awesome you just killed someone now here's some experience, but on Homefront we go, Well done you just killed someone now here's a tank!! Lol