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TellTale Adventure Games! My cheap, temporary cure to boredom.

Adventure Games! I’m super duper into them right now! I’m not sure why but with all the let downs I’ve been trying out, so far for the last 3 months or so all I’ve really been into is my next The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 updates. This in effect, got me into an adventure game funk and I just downloaded everything TellTale games had on the PSN easter weekend sale! Monkey Island, Jurassic Park, Back to the future, and Sam and Max! Woot! Some of these I haven’t played and some I have before but all these full season only cost me $4. That’ll keep me occupied for another month or so.

I’ve become a big TellTale fan as well. Looking forward to the upcoming Game of Thrones game. TellTale been on the roll as far as their writing is concerned so I hope they can pull it off effectively.

Giving Kickstarter a chance with Mighty No. 9. Why not?

Alright. I took a leap of faith about four days and donated to a Kickstarter project. Which project you ask? Answer: Mighty No. 9. Why? Well, there were a number of reasons, actually, not just hype or nostalgia, but actual reasons. Here is the list:

1.) I wanted to see Kickstarter would actually work effectively as a budget creation tool for the truly creative and determined. I was curious to see if Inafune (you know, the Mega Man creator who quit Capcom), a known and successful talent, could actually live up to promises and hype when directly funded by that hype. Its one thing to build hype through advertisement that you dont have to necessarily live up to while under the wing of a producer, but quite another when you are directly responsible for living up to expectations you create.

2.) I would like to see more games created from over all desire from the audience than from clones someone else deems worthy of being popular. In this way I can effect, even if it the tiniest bit, what I expect from future games not just from numbers games I buy after the fact. I want my voting dollar in the next election not just in the current one.

3.) I miss side-scrollers. Even though theyve been making a comeback this year, I would like to see more. Especially sci-fi based ones.

4.) I mean no offense to anyone by this but Im sick of some of the seriousness that has crept up in gaming. By that, I mean the moaning and groaning about messages, mature controversial themes, advertisements, and political and social opinions thrown in your face, etc. etc. blah blah. Even video game news sites and reviewers all over the internet are trying to dissect games like your high school english teacher tries to dissect old books: trying to make everything relevant and meaningful even if everyone else has seen it before in everything else. Stop it. I dont want to go constantly to Nintendo if I need a break from someone elses deep thinking. I want to play a game because its a GAME. I want to have a simple ten minutes of harmless fun sometimes. I dont always need an enlightening experience / mood swing simulator. Those are okay in small doses, but lately its like every game is trying to give you a "new" worldview. Me? Sometimes all a guy wants is to have fun. Right then I wanted to play a new fun loving game that didnt involve plumbers or zombies but still had a pick and play vibe, saw something that reminded me of simpler days, and invested in it.

So the kickstarter experience looked interesting and I gave it a go. It didn't cost me much, I'll get silly little rewards in 2015, and I got to socialize with a bunch of people who like brainstorming and imagining what could be. On the updates it says there will be polls and surveys relating to characters design and such which I am looking forward to and we get to occationally interact with the design team. Right now they are gunning towards the PS3 and WiiU versions. Will it live up to the hype? I hope so.

Am I using fuse wrong?

I've had my playstation 3 trophies lined up with fuse for a while now but it seems pretty bugged. Most of my games are not even up there and the acheivement count is off by a good 100. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my settings, but it also hasn't updated in about a month and a half.

It's been a while, but I think after two years it's about time I write a bit.

It's been a long while since the last blog entry, but I've been busy with...well, living. This is site, while entertaining, is not exactly a big focus for me anymore. I play games a lot more casually as well, I use Gamefly or the liberary rather than buy every game I want to play right of the bat. I still buy games that I know I will come back to (Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim, Disgaea 4 ) but for the most part I rent or barrow for titles that randomly pique my curiosity. I've decided to write more reveiws though since I've played a bit more games since my last entrys.

In other news, my xbox360 bit the dust and I've decided the since it's out of warrenty anyway I'll let it stay dead. I used mostly my PS3 anyway. So I'll wait a year or so when the next gen systems come out to see if micosoft stuff will worth toying with again. Reveiws from now on will probably cover PS3, though if I find a wii or ds game I feel like writing about there might be one or two of those as well.

Yup. I'm a Gamefly fan.

I think I'm a huge Gamefly fan. I just got the service and just reliezed just how incredibly stupid it would be NOT to be a fan of it. Blockbusterand Hollywoodvideo aredead to me now. They both cost to much, are horribly out of date, have very limited selection and buying from them sucks eggs. Now I can play whatever I want, for as long as I want to, and if I like it enough I can keep it without the whole driving-returning-and-going-shoping-for-it-thing. Thank god I found a game rental service that makes sense AND saves me money. I don't have the time or money to go hunting for games or buying them new without trying. It leaves the question, considering netflicks and all, why Blockbuster and Holleywood stores are still around? I mean compared toGamefly and Netflicksthe rental storeservices are horribly out of date. How do they survive?

So little time...So little money...So many games.

Okay...so I haven't updated this thing in forever and I'm behind on my reveiws, but hey...I'm been busy. School work at Full Sail sucks up almost 70% of my time still...leaving the remaining 30% for eating and sleeping. Seriously. I have discovered so much more appretiation for everyone who has ever worked on a movie or game. I had no idea until I got here.

Reguardless, I haven't really played many games seriously for what is nearly amounting to an entire year. It's been all work and no play for a bit now because the course work for my classes keep getting more intense and I've been fighting back accordingly. Good work ethic? Yeah, but, next month all the games I've been wanting to try out appear on or around next month, which is one of my less intense courses...but I'll still only have time to play ONE out of all of these for now.



Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Surviver

Bionic Commando

I was leaning toward SMT: Devil Surviver since it seems a bit more convient for time management and I have been happy with past Persona games, but then I reliezed that the other three might been good for relieving my stress via visually amazing brutal acts of fictional violence. :D . Supposedly if one had both awsome story AND action gameplay, that'd be the best choice...but with only advertizements to judge, I guess I'll have wait and watch a bit more for info.

First month and a half at Full Sail...

Okay, I haven't blogged for a while so since it's been one of my first and somewhat rare days off since I've got to Florida, I figured it was finally time to add a more recent entry. If you don't already know from my previous blogs (in case anyone actually reads them) I've brought up the fact that I had been preparing to go to Full Sail, an school in Florida that specializes in teaching the lastest and greatest methoids in almost every production feild out there. I

n my case, Computer Animation, is the chosen major (athough they just came out with the new Game Art major that I am considering switching to, since I am planning on gearing my result CA skill into that feild anyway) and so far my experience has been...intense. I expected it to be, though, and they do warn you before you even apply that Full Sail is the equivilate to an artist's version of boot camp. They crame 4 years to two so the deadline for projects are brutal, the teachers are geniuses with real world experience so they move fast (they have too), each class combined with lab fills the better part of an entire day (the rest of it usually taken up anyway because you got to get all the projects turned in the next day), and forget about having a social life as you'll barely have time to even eat and sleep.

So...yeah, it's been quiet the adjustment from my previous college...the stress level has sky rocketed X4 since I've gotten here. No joke. But, I have to remind myself that moving into the feild of animating for video games is my dream, I'm dedicated toward that goal so any stress I go through here will make it all worth it in the long run. Full Sail has a rep for churning out the best using the most upto date methoids (and some methiods that aren't available to the public yet, we have security key cards and everything. EA, Dreamworks, Lucas Arts, etc. will hire straight from the graduating classes because of this...so yeah, from my point of view, it's worth it.

Anyway, right now we're still covering basics, after all I've only been here a month and a half, and despite as stressful as they even made that so far I can wait to get up to speed and start working with some of the more heavy duty programs.

TRIVA: Where the icon comes from...

Have ever been bored browsing this site and as you wander through the thousands of blogs and comments pages the question suddenly pops into your head "Where did some of these people get those icons?" Seriously, there are some common and obvious ones (Super Mario, Sonic the hedgehog, the Final Fantasy characters, the Dead or Alive girls ect.), some that don't even really apply to videogames (Family Guy, A clip from an old bruce lee movie, a random photoshoped frog, ect.) but the one that always get me curious bother me are the ones that are obviously videogame referances, but I can't recognize where they come from. So if anyone out there actually visits my blog simply because of this curiosity, as unlikely as that is, I've decided to explain my current icon (more out of sheer boredom than anything else).

Ogre Battle 64 - Golem Unit

If you don't recognize it now, your probably not an Ogre Battle 64 fan. Still, that where this character comes from. Ogre Battle 64 was the only tactics RPG on the 64, but it's a bit of a rare find because they didn't keep it production for long for whatever reason and it arrive more toward the end of the 64's lifespan.

I've always like the whole Ogre Battle serise and the Golem unit like the one shown above is but one unit type that you could aquire in the game. Truth be told, these defensive units weren't good for much else other than staying in towns and warding off attackers. They had little speed, less attack power, and could only strick physically twice a battle. Basically they where living sheilds, but a pair of them with a good cleric behind them could ward most if not all attacking units.

The bills keep on coming...

It's been a while since I last did this blog thing, but I've been busy. Working likea dogto scrape up enough cash to survive in college is a pain. Other than that it's been paper work, paper work, phone calls, and (sigh) more paper work. I'm stressed an annoyed, but with only 55 more days till I head for my first class I'm thrilled to death as well. I got most of the Admissions and Loan stuff complete, so I'm nearly completely prepared. The only thing now is an apartment and (ugh.) a room mate.

I don't want a room mate. I really don't. My previous experiences with room mates where not so great. I wanted to have my own place this time but noooo....that would be to simple wouldn't it? If the school was in Ohio, sure, I could pull it off, but Full Sail had to be in Florida, land of theme parks, hurricanes, and overpriced...everything. On the upside, I'm stuck between two beaches full of scantly clad women :D, it's summer nearly all the time and I'll be persueing the career I've always dreamed of. Not too bad, eh ;)? I guess I'll just have to deal living with another room mate for now...if I can find one. I've been putting it off even thought I know I shouldn't. I got so little time left...and you never know what last minute problems will pop up, I really should just get it over with and try to wrap this up so I won't have to stress about it anymore.

Onward and upward

I've finally decided that it isn't worth staying in ohio. I'm unhappy here, all my close freinds have officially moved away, I work a dead end job that doesn't pay nearly as much as I need, and there are pretty much zero oppurtunities out here for an aspiring 3D animator with no connections. Nothing is anchering me here so I've decided it was time for a change.

I started looking at a college called Full Sail (http://www.fullsail.com/index.cfm/fa/splash.main/full-sail-real-world-education) seriously about a year ago. Back then, I was pretty naive about what I was doing so I decided to go down to Orland Florida and take Full Sail's "Behind the scenes tour". It was very impressive, better than the website made it seem (after all, you can't take anything in at face value anymore). They had everything, the tech was top notch, they had an actual backlot,  an arcade for the game designer "research" (no joke), serveral monterous studios, theaters, even a live performance in the recording studio. What really won me over was seeing student demos of their work in the Computer Animation Degree. They were good, scary good, and we were allowed to see every step in every to see how they did it all from start to finish. And to top it all off, do you know what the final assignment is for the animators and game designers? We make a game from start to finish in a structured team just like the proffessional no deviation in steps. 

 I took it all in and started looking for apartments (and, unfortunatly, I'll probably have to find a room mate soon as well) . I'm offically enrolled at Full Sail for a Computer Animation Degree and I'm going to be starting by November. Of course, I'm in the hole for roughly 64,000 plus living expenses and debt, but you know what? I don't care. I'm finally on my way to doing what makes me happy for a living and I'm not going back.



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