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Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade edtion

I ben looking at Youtube videos of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edtion for nearly two months now and that version Super Street Fighter 4 looks like a game of the year edtion of Super Street Fighter 4! I heard the rumors about the 4 characters coming as DLC to the home versions...but thats just rumors!! OH! CAPCOM! WHAT THE HELL?!!!

TEKKEN 6 limited edtion bundle...is super AWESOME!!!

I'll start with the FANTASTIC TEKKEN 6 arcade stick!! My first arcade stick was a Hori fighting stick EX2. I had it for a year plus and it was missing inputs and somtimes the buttions will get stuck...but when I got my hands on the TEKKEN 6 arcade stick..every fighting game I played (Super Street Fighter 4,Dead or Alive 4 and Soul Calibur 4) feels different and way,way,way,way,WAY better! (I can now pull off Ryu Hayabusa's Izuna-Otoshi throw combo!!!! I do think this is a version of the Real Arcade Pro EX-SE just with TEKKEN 6 art work! I do have one problem with it...it takes 2 AA batteries. I really do think Hori should have put in a slot for the Xbox360's re-chargeable battery pack or a USB cord! I stop buying batteries 3 years ago! Hori! get with the times!! besides that this arcade stick cost me (with TEKKEN 6) $46!!! ain't that a GREAT DEAL?!! I'll tell you this! the Real Arcade Pro EX-SE alone cost $133.59 (from amazon.com) between TEKKEN 6 and Soul Calibur 4 in looks. Soul Calibur 4 wins! but TEKKEN 6 got better background art and don't have super cheap characters (Nightmare,Maxi and Siegfried) But it do have the cheaper end boss!...Damn that dragon!

I'm getting a PSP!

Around the last week of September I order a PSP1001K core system from Amazon.com. But since then I posted a blog about it and talk to a friend (Lazlowe) about what I need for my PSP (which is coming later today or tomorrow...I ben keeping track LOL!) Ok!..from its name (PSP1001K core system) I kinda guess..it won't have a memory stick (a $ony Memory stick pro duo) But...No Charger?!!! I said to her: OH COME ON!!! No charger?!!!...any who! she told me what can I do and needformy PSP. So last friday I also buyed a PSP Home and Travel charger and a $ony 4GB Memory stick...the price of all this:

PSP1001K core system: $73.99

PSP Home And Travel Charger: $6.45

$ony 4GB memory stickpro-duo:$15.98

the shipping and handlingis added into the price...So I have paid $96.42!! was that a DEAL or what!!

The state of Rare

One day I was looking at a gameplay video of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and right in the middle of that awesome gameplay I started thinking about Rare..Before Banjo & Kazooie: N&B came out many,many people was hoping that Rare was going to do a Banjo Tooie with all new graphics. I was one of the people that was saying they should make a new Banjo game. (on a side note..I never played a Banjo game before they hit Xboxlive) Now after I played the demo of both Banjo games and looking at Super Mario Galaxy 2...and after playing Banjo & Kazooie: N&B...I think they should have!! hopfully the next Banjo game will be a full-on PLATFORMER!!! not spots event crap! that is Banjo & Kazooie: N&B! but the game do got awesome graphics...

Final Fantasy XIII's world

Every time I play Final Fantasy XIII it feels like I'm playing in a past Final Fantasy game Universe! Well it feel like Final Fantasy VIII's Universe! Besides Lightning's Gunblade ( on that subject! very,very later on in the game you get to buy! not find! a gunblade called Lion Heart!...if anybody have played Final Fantasy VIII you know Lion Heart is Squall's strongest gunblade and must likely the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy VIII...But I do not know if Lion Heart is Lightning's strongest weapon in the game! and it only cost $28,000 from the up in arms shop.) Cocoon it self looks/feels like Esthar,Balamb,Deling City,Trabia Canyon,Timber and Galbadia forest all put togather into a small and beautiful planet! Lets move on to Lightning & Snow which are the main characters in the game( I put in over 200 hours into the game and they show everyones story...but mostly it looks like Lightning & Snow's story...well to me) Lightning Looks strong! if Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) & Yuna ( Final Fantasy X-2) had a baby. it will most likely be Lightning!but she acts like Squall raised/train her! Snow looks like a strong D-BAG! if Tifa & Zell had a kid. it will be Snow! but hes cool and funny somtimes! maybe its just me...I mean I do love Final Fantasy VIII alot and most likely get a Psp for it..( that and Final Fantasy VII)

Xbox360 different types of games! beyond FPS

1. Lost Odyssey

2. Infinite Undiscovery

3. Blue Dragon/Blue Dragon 2

4. Magnacarta 2

5. The Last Remnant

6. Gyromancer

7. Forza 3

8. Banjo & Kazooie: N & B

9. Banjo & Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie

10. Bomberman LIVE

11. Hexic 2

12. Lumines LIVE

13. Naruto: The Broken Bond

14. Alan Wake

15. Fable 2/Fable 3

16. Ace Combat 6

17. Crackdown/Crackdown 2

18. Crystal Defenders

19. Shadow Complex

20. Supreme Commander 1/Supreme Commander 2

21. Halo Wars

22. Ikaruga

23. Rez HD

24. Samurai Shodown 2

25. The Dishwasher

Yes many of these games is on last-gen consoles and the PC...But they're NOT on the PS3! and this little list only shows little of whats on the Xbox360 and whats coming to it! FPS may sell alot on the Xbox360. but thats not the only type of game the Xbox360 got! and some of these games sell better than the best selling games on the PS3!

Like Xboxlive parties?

I do!! if you want to join mines or you want to invite me to yours You can send me an invite anytime! ask me if you want to join mines (leave your gamertag)...and sorry I don't have a mic!

Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox360...IS GREAT!!!!

I'm really getting tired of these $ony fanrats keep saying how bad the Xbox360 version of Final Fantasy XIII is! They most likely never played the game on the console! Yes Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox360 is not running at 720p (like the PS3 version) BUT it still looks great! and the FMV is down graded a bit..but it still good to look at it! and that 3 disc thing is not even a problem!...unless you're FAT & LAZY!!! Hell orther reviewers said Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox360 runs on par with the PS3 version! they both even got the same slowdown too! But in the end...I still think Square-Enix took the easy rounte! the not running at 720p and the down graded FMV...ALL that can be fix if they added an extra disc to the Xbox360 version! (I own Lost Odyssey! I know how to take care of my discs) and plus the PS3 version had a LONGER development time done to it! But all in all..The Xbox360 version of Final Fantasy XIII is still awesome to play!!...and that thing about the PS3 version selling more...thats because alot of people buyed a PS3 to play Final Fantasy XIII! and at that time it was only coming to the PS3 ( still is in Japan...unless sombody got an U.S. Xbox360 with a U.S. copy of Final Fantasy XIII...they do got import stores in japan too!) Square-Enix most likely knew that they won't make that much money off the Xbox360 version...But I did heard that it sold alot of its Final Fantasy XIII bundles! Final Fantasy XIII got a good start on the Xbox360 (it didn't sell badly on the Xbox360) and Hopefuly Square-Enix bring more Final Fantasy games to the Xbox360! So in the end Square-Enix makes more money...and maybe some Kingdom Hearts games will follow too!