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Fighting Games: How underrated they are

Is it just me, or is there some sort of invisible wall that seems to block fighting video games from achieving that oh-so-elusive legendary status? Granted, the storylines aren't always the most detailed or the graphics (especially for games devoted to those who hunger for more 2D fighters) aren't always the best of the best. But to me, despite having a few flaws, these games are pound for pound the most addictive and fun games that you can come back to again and again. In fact, I feel that the lack of storyline at times helps you. It's not like, for example, Cloud and Tidus battling. Dissidia proved that, because of the lack of storyline, the fans are just going "Wait, why are they fighting again?" For fighting games, that lack of storyline makes it easier. But perhaps that's WHY they're never thought of in the same league as Link or whichever video game icon gets you off: that lack of definition or reason. But then again, that's how they started out at the same time. Mario has to rescue a kidnapped princess. gogogo. What's the difference with "There's a tournament, k? You'll be awesome if you win it, gogogo." Maybe people feel it's too simplistic, but for me, simplicity isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm just ranting a little bit because I'm bored, but I do, in actually wish that games like Blazblue could get more recognition for the amazing characters and development of said characters. Not to mention if you see the community with each of these games, you'd see that perhaps they're more devoted than the so called fans of "Modern Warfare" and what have you. In the end, just my two cents in a little fun rant.