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New Banner?

So, my banner pretty much stinks. Is there anyone who enjoys making random banners because, as you can tell from my current one, my skills consist of stretching a picture and adding some text. I would be so appreciative if anyone wanted to!

PoP Expansion!

I'm so stoked about the Prince of Persia expansion! I was very pissed at the ending to such an awesome game! I'm also pleased that it is said to pose a bit more of a challenge. Not that Prince of Persia games are ever invertently difficult, but this one definitely proved to be the easiest by far. And it's only about a three hour extension, so I should be able to finish it and still have time to study!

New Addiction: HM: ToT

As usual, I've become addicted to the lastest Harvest Moon game, Tree of Tranquility. I don't understand why GS rated it so low. I was a bit worried when it first came out, but I've been very impressed. It's a little cheesy, but all Harvest Moon games are in their own special way. Either way, I love it! My roommate is about to kill me for hogging the TV! :p


I finally got my 360! And it's the perty Halo 3 edition! I am so totally excited! And now I can go buy all the cheap old games that have been out forever like Fable, Perfect Dark: Zero, Jade Empire, etc! Yay! Well, that's pretty much all I have to say! TTYL!:D


So, I finally decided it would be ok to give y'all my myspace link, so if you ever wanna talk to me since I'm never on Gamespot, I'm usually on Myspace. Just add me as a friend and leave a message that you know me from Gamespot or else I won't talk to you. Here's the link. http://www.myspace.com/futuretolkien Come talk to me if you want!

I love glitches!

Wow...I love glitches sometimes! I just went up two levels in two days! I haven't been on in months and I get on to check on something for Baldur's Gate: shadows of Amn. All of a sudden I've gone to level 17. This place is crazy sometimes! How're y'all doing? This doesn't mean I'll be on all the time because I never know what's gonna happen next in my life, but I'll try! (Yeah right; said that last time...) Hope you guys had a good Christmas and New Year!:)

I'm Alive!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on in forever, but this is me. What do you expect? So, in reference to my last post, the link is www.facebook.com. It's like myspace only not. I'm Meg Young there. It's a really nice way to talk to friends and stuff! Lifes fine over here. Senior year is stressful and constant work. I probably won't be on too much, but if any of you feel the need to talk to me, I always check my e-mail. It's LegolasLover196@aol.com Or I'm on AIM at LegolasLover196. Hope you all are doing well! Love ya lots!


Hey, I've just signed up for Facebook. If any of you are on, you should check me out! It's Meg Young from Albuquerque!

Boy Trouble

So, you guys are too much work. There's this one guy that I've been totaling crushing on for years now, my best friend to be more specific. And it's not like I haven't told him! I mean, I never pushed him but I've told him how I feel more than once and just left him alone about it, hoping maybe he'd eventually say something. I wouldn't even mind so much if he just told me he didn't like me like that, as long as I know! But there's something inside me that makes me think he does feel something! Ah! It's so crazy! Then there's this kid in my Music Literature class with a major crush on me. He told me my shirt was cool and that my purple buttons were hot. He's so dorky and such a sophmore!


To all of my buddies who have been faithful followers in the MM&AA Union, I've resigned my post as leader in hopes that someone else will do a better job than I have. The new leader is tiki81! Congrats! I hope you do a much betterjob than I aws able to! I'm sorry to you all who've stuck with me this whole time! But I'll try to at least be agood officer!