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Welcome to Outer Space.

For the last few days, I've been playing Phantasy Star II on the Sega Genesis Collection for the PS2. With my previous experience with the GBA version of the game and learning a lot from playing the Dark Spire for the DS, I figure to ultilize each PC's strengths and weaknesses to their full use. For example, I have Hugh in my party, who is the weakest PC in the game according to most players, can ultilize Techs that will damage all Bio-monsters in battle. There's even one that has a chance to kill a group of them. The way I figure is to get all 8 PCs in the game to at least experience level 30.

YouTube--The Place for Longplays, Speed Runs and Disturbing Video Game Content

For most of the day today, I watched various video game-related videos on YouTube ( First off, I watched a longplay of Super Castlevania IV for the SNES. Next was a longplay of the Commodore 64 version of the first Castlevania title (Such things do exist in this world). Later was short clips of various arcade games. Finally, it was three videos of video games so controversial that it even make Jack Thompson President of the United States--The arcade games Death Race and Chiller and the Atari 2600 game Custer's Revenge. Those three games alone are enough to make even Bill Rizer and Lance Bean of Contra fame blush.