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The F in BFG-9000 doesn't stand for Fancy

Over the weekend, I went and purchased Castlevania for the GBA, Jeopardy! Teen Tournament for the Gameboy, An old-school Activision collectio for the PSOne and, finally, the PSOne version of Doom. On the topic of Doom, it's proving to be a very solid FPS--and a scary one. So far, I've made it to Stage 20 out of roughly over 50 stages the game has to offer. Of course, with my inexperience in the genre, I decide to set the difficulty to the easiest level, or I am a Wimp. At least it's providing the bang for it's buck.

Rose-tinted Nostalgia Glasses not included

It's interesting how the three games I mentioned eariler, Castlevania, Jeopardy! and the Activision compilation, are turning out. So far, I've beaten Castlevania and Jeopardy on the same calendar day I bought them on. In an interesting note, I've beaten three of the games on the Activision collection--Boxing (by means of a knock-out against the A.I. Boxer), Ice Hockey (by beating the A.I. Red Wings) and StarMaster (on the Ensign difficulty level). Of course, not all games on the collection are beatable, so for those, for Backloggery account reasons (, I've listed them as nulled.

Going the Whole 100 Yards

On Friday afternoon, I finally came up the money and went to the local GameStop to pay in full the actual retail price of the PS2 version of Madden NFL 10. The overall total cost of the game was around $45, which is certainly salary cap-breaking if you factor in the $5 pre-order fee in the first place. I should be able to pick up the game on Friday, August 14th.