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Shooting the CyberDemon to shreds

For the past few days, I've been playing the PSOne version of Doom, where I've already beaten the 30 Ultimate Doom levels and the first 11 Doo II levels, all on the easiest difficulty level. It's pretty interesting, because in a couple of those level, there were at least one CyberDemon waiting to tear me to shreds. Fortunately, I perservered and made it this far.

Beware The 20th Level Dungeon Master

For the weekend, I've been playing The Dark Spire for the DS again, this time going for the last of the three endings the game gives you. However, this took quite a bit of XP grinding to be able to use the Beauty Clinic on the Bonus dungeon floor to boost my party's charisma stat up to it's requirements to take part in the ending. On the bright side, it only takes 50,000 experience points and 10,000 Gold to actualy attempt to use the clinic.

Countdown to Kickoff!

As of this blog post, the new Madden NFL 10 video game isn't to be released for another five days, but I am definately waiting in anticipation of the release, so I can pick up my copy of the PS2 version that I prerodered at GameStop and paid in full on July 31st. This is going to be interesting how a Josh McDanials-led football team is going to do, but in case the Broncos somehow fall to an early 0-4-0 start in video game form, an impending trade of Kyle Orton for Jay Cutler will be made if neccessary.