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Princess Zelda Oversleeps Just to Miss the Knighting of Link

Interesting enough, after beating The Dark Spire Sunday morning, I managed tp beat Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on the LoZ Collector's Edition disc for the GameCube. Somehow, I don't remember the final area of the game being this hard, but that's more than likely my GameCube controller being analog, which is something people have played the NES and GBA versions of the game are not used to.

Rej72380's Backloggery Closed for Maintainence

Interestingly enough, I had to do a overhaul of my Backloggery page ( last night, because I just now noticed that you could put the name of compilations in the Compilation field, then insert the actual game into the Game Name field. It took three hours to do this overall, but it was actually worth it.

Cannibals in my Backyard? Skull-duggery!

After doing the overall last night, I decided to play and beat Jungle Hunt on the Taito Legends collection for the PS2 this morning. Originally, I had that particular game listed as "nulled" on my Backloggery page, but after seeing Try4ce's Backloggery page and noticing he got the NES version of Donkey Kong and Hogan's Alley listed as "completed", I decided to follow this example and upgrade Jungle Hunt from "nulled" to "unfinished" and actually beaten it by saving Lady Penelope from those crazy cannibals.