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Defeating BakLaag with a Flame-read GBA SP

The last couple of days have been real crazy. On Wednesday morning, I was able to beat Final Fantasy V Advance for the GBA. Given my prior experience with the PSOne version of the game, which is part of the Final Fantasy Anthology collection, I did much better, Level-wise, as I was able to beat the game with an average level of just 54. When I beat the PSOne version a couple years back, it was at an average level of 62.

On Thursday, I beaten The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, also for the GBA. Surprisingly enough, the game is a little bit shorter than the Wind Waker, which made it much more enjoyable for a change.

In space, no one can hear you scream--With agony

This morning, I decided to spend a little bit of my birthday money to purchase a relatively-unknown Gameboy game called Altered Space. So far, it's a pretty good game, but the isometric POV can take some time to get used to. While most video games based your survival on how many lives you have or how much health you got left, Altered Space has an interesting way determining whether you succeed or fail--The amount of oxygen you have left in the tank. As time passes by, you gradually lose air to breath and if it reaches zero, it's game over. OF course, this mechaice is without it's penalties--Getting killed will cauase you to lose a large amount of your oxygen, making the game the more challenging.

Has Rej gotten clobbered by a 300-pound linebacker?

While meandering around town today, I went to the local GameStop and did something that I would never fathom of doing--pre-order a new and upcoming video game. Given that football seaspm is right around the corner, I figured I would spend $5 and pre-order a copy of the upcoming Madden NFL 10, more specifically, the PS2 version. Once I paid for the game in full and pick it up on August 14th, it should be really interesting how the Broncos will do in a virtual world this season.