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Another day, another RPG beaten

This past weekend, I finally managed to beat Final Fantasy Legend II for the Nintendo Gameboy. When I first bought my copy of the game way back in February, I was completely zonked out on RPGs, so I put it aside. A few months later, I picked it up again and managed to get through the entire game. There was one evening where I went Giants Town to the game's final dungeon. It was a good, if not extremely hard RPG for the gameboy.

How Tall is this Tower, Anyway?

This morning, I decided to play an really old GBC game that I bought six years ago but never got around to beating it. The name of the game is Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit. It's pretty much a first-person RPG, but in real time. So far, I found the stairs to the second floor of the Tower.

Knights, Ninjas and Plumbers?!

This upcoming Wednesday, I get paid at my job. I intend on purchasing EternalRing for the PS2, Dragon's Lair for the GBC, Nobunaga's Ambition for the Gameboy and Super Mario Land II: Six Golden Coins for the Gameboy. The reason why I'm getting Eternal Ring is because it plays similar to the King's Field titles for the PSOne, Dragon's Lair because I read it pushes the graphical limits of the GBC to that of the PSOne Nobunaga's Ambition because I want to play a strategy game for achange and SML2 just for the memories.