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Being the dungeon master of your own domain

Earlier today, I finally managed to beat the Nintendo DS role playing game called The Dark Spire. After spending a total of 78 hours in a span of 16 days, it was definately worth the $30 I paid for a couple weeks ago. For the time being, I'll try to continue my playthrough of Final Fantasy VII for the PSOne. Expect a review of TDS in the near future.

The Video Adventures into the Inner Sanctum

Over the course of the last week, in between breaks from The Dark Spire, I watched a 107-part playlist of a vdeo playthrough of the NES version of Might & Magic Book I: Secret of the Inner Sanctum, where the player with the username RPGenie, went through the entire world of Varn (or Barn, as it is called in the NES version) going on quests and searching for the RPG equivelent of the Holy Grail.

Backlogger Drumble meets Bounty Hunter Samus Aran

An interesting live is going to happen tonight on The Backloggery (, as staff member Drumble attempts to complete the GBA remake of Metroid for the NES, officially called Metroid: Zero Mission. These live streams get really intense at times, and I wouldn't doubt this one will be the same.

More Adventures inside the Dark Spire

Things have been getting really hectic in The Dark Spire for the Nintendo DS. In the last two days, I managed to complete three more quests, made it u tp the 3rd floor of the tower and help a noble woman get through the dungeon> Interestingly enough, I've put in 34 hours of gameplay into the game since last Friday, when I initially purchased it I am definately having a real good time with this one.

The Backloggery Live Stream, starring Boris Karlof and Bella Lugosi.

Last night was stream night on The Backloggery (, where staff member Try4ce began a month-long marathon of the NES Castlevania titles. Considering he's doing the hard loop of Castlevania I, it was amazing he managed to make it to Stage 5. The only difference between the regular loop and the hard loop is the increased frequency of smaller enemies appearing, such as bats, Medusa heads and Igors.

Wizardry X: KIng Trebor's DS Dilemma

Last weekend, I pruchased myself a brand new copy of the new DS role-playing game The Dark Spire, which is heavily influenced by the old PC RPGs of the 1980s such as Wizardry and Might & Magic. I what really drew me into buying it is the added bonus of an audio CD that has the game's soundtrack. So far, I've explored a huge chunk of floors 1 and 2, recently completing three entry-level quests

So far, this game is definately worth the $30 price tag Atlus is asking for.

Squall Leonheart finally gets his revenge on the local video game shop!

A couple months back, I tried to purchased a copy of Final Fantasy VIII, only to have two of the game's four discs going AWOL. Last friday, I went to that same video game shop and eyes were caugth by antoher copy of the game. After paying the $20 price tag, I'm releived to find that all four discs of the game. Currently, I'm in the middle of Disc 1 and they weren't kidding when they said that the monsters level-scale with your active party. For the time being, I'll won't make any attempts to level-grind, for sanity's sake.

Quit talkin' and start chaulkin'!

The last few days, I played a few rounds of pinball. The laundromat across the parking lot of where I work has a pinall machine called Cue Ball Wizard, where it is a billiards-themed table. My highest score on that game is over 120 million points and can actually get quite a few replays on it, given that the required amount of points needed to earn that replay is a paltry 49 million. It's still an interesting way to kill time during the lunch break.

Attack of the Undead Crimson Heads

For the last week or so, I've been playing the GameCube version of Resident Evil. The reason for the renewed intrest is because of seeing a pre-recorded stream of the crew, Try4ce and Drumble, playing the new Resident Evil 5 video game on the PS3--on co-op mode, of all things--on So far, on the more lienient "hiking" difficulty level, I've made it to the Residence area, before running extremely low on ammo for all my weapons. It's amazing what can be used as motivation to play a foreign genre thatsome peoplenever played before.

New Blitzball Team in Colorado--The Denver Malboros

To make a long story short, my original idea for the month tp purchase Battletoads and Final Fantasy VIII went up in proverbial smoke, as the former already got sold and the copy of the latter I bought turned out to be missing two game discs out of four. As an alternative, I've bought the Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition disc for the GameCube and Dr. Mario and Prophecy: The Viking Child for the Gameboy. However, because of my recent beating of Final Fantasy IX, I decided to resume my game of Final Fantasy X. Surprisingly enough, I managed to beat the game less than two weeks ago, although it was very tough near the end of the game. I may decide to resume playing Final Fantasy X's sequel, Final Fantasy X2, whenever I feel like it.

Golfing with the Canadian Mounties

Currently, with golf season already in full swing (pun not intended), I decided to play some Hot Shots Golf 3 for the PS2, where I've won eight Tournaments already, all of them playing as Tiffany, a beginner-level golfer from Canada. What really got me annoyed was the desert golf course, which actually has a nasty Par 5 that will even make Tiger Woods throw his bag of clubs into the lake. Still, it is a nice experience, as far as golf is concerned.

Just another day at the PS2 arcade.

Today was an interesting day of gaming. I was playing Insector X and Mortal Kombat II on the Taito Legends 2 and Midway Arcade Treasures 2 collections, respectively. I didn't get much farther on Insector X than I did yesterday, but that's only because I had to be at work by 8 this morning. As for Mortal Kombat II, I'm beginning to think I may have lucked my way through the game, because playing as Kitana for this playthrough, the CPu kept on getting through the usually-spammable fan wave special move. Why those experts on YouTube do this multple times in a row without getting counter-attacked is reason for concern.

Frogs and Squall Leonheart

With payday coming at my job tommorow morning, I decided to go to the local mom-and-pop video game store tomorrow to purchase the Gameboy version of BattleToads and, hopefully, Final Fantasy VIII for the PSOne. While BattleToads will be worth the challenge, I fear that people may pruchase all of the used copies of Final Fantasy VIII before the store opens at 10AM local time tommorow, so I'm more than likely holding out hope for at least one copy of the game to be left unsold, given the insane number of fanboys of this series.

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