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I actually signed a petition online about 10 years ago pleading with this degenerate asshole to stop making movies. I was within the first hundred and it reached 100,000 signatures at least. To which he responded by challenging his toughest critics to a boxing match. No surprise, he won all of them, being that he is a trained fighter and he fought inexperienced internet critics. Very impressive.

Here's the thing, Uwe. You may be able to kick some ass. I'm pretty great at fighting in general, though I don't fight a lot because people actually like me, but you can probably kick my ass as well. But you're still you. I could wake up in a hospital after your beating with a testicle missing and that would be pretty terrible but I still wouldn't be Uwe Boll. And that's fantastic. In fact, I could make a movie with voiceover from the perspective of my remaining testicle and it would still be better than any movie you have or ever will make in your life.

Then, in mockery, I might make an account on kickstarter to fund an operation for a replacement testicle, and I would very likely make more money than you have for Rampage 3. But In the end, I would instead use that money dishonestly and pay Floyd Mayweather to beat you down. He's probably busy so he'd send his 62 year old dad, who would have an odd appreciation for my testicle movie, and he'd beat you down right before dropping dead of a stroke. And Floyd Jr. wouldn't even be upset, because his dad went out like a champ, beating your talentless ass.

Are you still reading? This is kind of how it feels watching one of your movies. Like, "How did we get here? Why did I keep watching/reading? The universe confuses me. Can someone please put a gun in my mouth?" You're welcome.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> There's really no point to you giving your opinion being that you don't even distinguish yourself from Nintendo. Nintendians with a Link picture. Really? If Sony or Microsoft made laser guns that shot unicorn horns into your enemies and exploded into drugs, alcohol, and mouth-kissing prostitutes you'd still be humping Nintendo until it farted out Mii babies. Get your own identity man. Otherwise save the obvious opinions.

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Seems now that the better you fortify your base, the quicker the missing survivors spawn their rescue missions.  I just hit endgame and at the time I had 20 survivors, none tired, none missing, Maya was still hurt.  Before finding my missing I had about 14.

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I don't think that's a clue as to where you can find the stuff she tossed.  I might be wrong but I found that note a couple times on playthroughs and it was just random, there's another version that's more like a diary and doesn't talk about any stash.  I found that in a warehouse on the left shortly after you cross the broken bridge at the beginning.  I'm not ruling it out, you might be right, but I don't think it means anything.

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Just to be clear however, Walking Dead has the other element of zombies completely perfect.  Which is, zombies are not about the specific monsters themselves, the way it would be in a vampire, werewolf, etc theme.  Zombies are about us.  It's about the inability of humans to work together in a crisis because backing any animal into a corner and triggering our survival instincts changes our nature.  We become the monsters.  It makes it that much more effective to keep zombies slow and meandering because we become too sure of ourselves and foolish, and take bigger risks that get us killed.  Basically, you have to be a complete asshole or be betrayed by one to be killed by slow zombies.  Robert Kirkman gets what zombies are really about, so Walking Dead works.  But Telltale's game is very specifically about story and it's point and click, so scavenging an open world is not happening.  That makes State of Decay the best zombie game I've played.

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Totally agree.  Been waiting a long time for something this specific.  I got hooked way back in the 80's with Romero movies, and became kind of a purist.  I watched every zombie movie I could find, and fell in love with the original Dawn of the Dead, the ultimate zombie scavenging movie.  At one point right before the Dawn remake came out, I had envisioned creating a video game based on the original.  My fantasy was simulating systematically taking over the mall. 

So, as it happened in the movie, arrive in helicopter, break through the roof, scout the mall, find the keys, close off the mall, barricade the doors with semis, loot the gun shop, take out every last zombie inside, set up house, become bored, engage in war with Hell's Angels, etc.

After the remake came out with fast zombies, I figured I might possibly still be able to create it, but fast zombies would change the dynamic completely.  Plus I didnt really like any of the characters in the remake and didnt have much of a passion for trying to figure out how to translate it.  But I figured I could maybe base it on the new one to pull people in, and then beating it would unlock the game based on the original version or vice versa.  Then pop culture just became kind of saturated with zombies.  I love the Walking Dead comics, show, and Telltale game but society, as it does with everything else, has to take something we love, rape it to death, and leave it in the dust.  Zombies are everywhere now and to be honest, most people get the themes of a zombie apocalypse completely wrong.

State of Decay is the kind of game that shows you there are people out there who get it, even though the game has it's share of issues.  They are on the right track with the scavenging.  Maybe one day if I ever decide to attempt making that Dawn game, people are going to accuse me of borrowing elements from State of Decay lol.

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Also, let's say your character is a father, and he goes on a mission, you get massacred by zombies.  Your perspective shifts to another character, but the father is deemed missing.  A couple of days later, that zombie father should find his way back to camp because zombies have a sense of what they used to do, and where they used to go.  When he shuffles back to the camp, let's say you're playing as his daughter at the time.  When she sees him, that should be an event, possibly scripted, and she should have a hard time shooting him because of emotional compromise.. the controls should make it hard to shoot him, maybe even based on something like an emotional stat, like how cold and calculated is that character currently.  Based on experience, if she's been out a lot, the effect on the aiming controls are not so severe, but if she's fresh, it should make it almost impossible to shoot her dad.  Your thoughts?

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Okay.. we all know the rules with zombies.  Certain things do not translate to gameplay very well.  Every game with zombies I've seen, your character gets bit, but does not get sick.  They can only use the "immunity" excuse so many times.  My question is, how would you all handle bites from a gameplay perspective?

My thing is, I think it would be incredibly cool to incorporate the possibility of ending up a zombie in a game like this.  Like you get bit and over a few days you start getting weaker, visibly pale, delirious, essentially you end up like Roger in Dawn '78.  Your team has to push you around in a wheelbarrow, give you morphine, wait for you to die, etc.

State of Decay you could pull this off because you just switch characters, but obviously the problem is in a game, we're going to get overwhelmed, snuck up on.  Essentially, not being bitten even once would be a serious accomplishment, but the majority of players WOULD get bit, and the game would be annoying if you just contracted the virus and died.  I'm just kind of sick of them either never explaining why being bitten has no effect or they conveniently dub you immune.

Dead Rising 2 had a medicine that would stave off your daughter's turning, but never completely cure her.  I kind of like that idea on a main character, but do you have any other ideas?

I'd also like wounds of specific severity.  For example, if you really screw things up, like just let the zombies on you, and you were bit on the neck, it should show that wound on your character, you should bleed out of the throat, you should be visibly weaker, the wound should be bandaged and the bandaging should show.  If you get bit on the arm, someone should cut off the arm like Walking Dead and you have to then compensate.  I love the idea of seeing varying injuries in the people of your camp.  Have someone with one leg crutching it like Hershel.

Any ideas on bites in a zombie game that follows all the rules?

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Some of my people have been missing a long time and eventually I get missions to find them, it just takes forever and seems to be random.

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So my wife just watched her Marcus die for the first time on the first Wilkinson mission because she ran into her first fat boy.  He's the only zombie so far I couldn't give her any advice on, so I just kinda helplessly watched her be torn in half.  I'm trying really hard not to give her pointers and advice because that would get annoying, and she needs to experience these failures like we all have because that's how you learn.  However, it was Marcus, and he has all the stats which are not carried over to others, so she just started over.

Ferals I just run over if there's a car around.  The acid guys I just shoot in the stomach from far away.  So what's the strategy for the fatties?