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Me, My Bro, in those Glourious days.

Well , we meet again. In this entry I would like to describe the special moments that I had while gaming in 8 Bit.

First game of interest in our NES I was actually very small(2nd grade) when my nes came to me and I and me bro always played together, as he had to set it up for me , and mostly whne one played other watched and commented, My bro was a very good COMMENT-ator (if know u what I mean;)) he always would say go this way that way and such things when he was watching, kinda like a back seat driver:D we instantly started with our 64 in 1 and enjoyed all the games, Mario; as what u would expect; liked very much and played a lot, discovering all the secrets from the climbing bean stalks to the legendry one up tortise:D .
First 2p Game We would always play all the games with 2p in 2p. And CONTRA was what we played in 2p (initially). The musics and SFXs are still stuck in our minds and also all boss fights. we used to fight when one used to die and immideately the other would take up the others Medal for an extra chance(usually me, afterwards saying,"ah I forgot"):D I can say we played almost all the contras ever made and completed all the NES ones. the thrill of finishing a game in one sitting is gone now a days.
Other 2p player games that we enjoyed very much was TMNT3 which even now as I type I can recollect the sound effect of hitting BeBop continuosly till he blinked red, we would KAWABUNGA!!!!fight together one facing one direction and clearing every one. and again, fighting for the PIZZAs.River City Ransom and Double Dragon are also unforgettables.We also Played Street Fighter , Twin bee, WWF steel cage challenge in 2p. and not to forget GOAL3 we saw that game somewhere and we were able to find it after many years when I was in 9th standard and we played it very much. its a good football Game with all thoseGOAL# super fun Football River city ransom(type) characters with all fire kicks and such things which was quite exciting.(not football game has matched such fun factor since then, all are Super REALISTIC things)

We fought over in many one Vs one fighting games and also Co-operatively planned and played Co-op games, to mention all the 6-7 years of it is almost impossible.

Now onto my Single player Ventures, I usually played NON-Horror games as they spook-ED me out those days, and I asked me bro to play games like ghouls and ghosts(i dont remember the name), the one where the guys armor came off when he got hit and he had to save his girlfriend. The music was also very creepy.Not to Forget JURRASIC PARK where in the intrp the dinosaur opened its jaws and would salivate:? Its music is one of my Favs.
I; Ofcourse; completed Mario:D that was Most prolyRelaxing in me Boat. the first one that I completed and then there was FELIIX the cat which I like very much the concept of the game itself was nice and all the characters were also very nice. all the musics are completely stuck in my brain. and the stages in that all very unique, sometimes I played only to get to some 7th or some stage where there was a boat stage which bounced very nicely and the next stage with snow.Now thats called replayability.
I liked Terminator2 game also very much( its the movie that I have seen the most times and NEVER got Bored) THe first stage was all T2 Baby!!exciting with jumping in synchronisation with the Music, nor me or my Bro could ever get pass the third stage where the truck followed Terminator and we had to run in a bike, the truck always Crushed us near a point.

I just looked at my collection to see what to say about next, each game reminded me some moments of fun and Joy. But Its hard to recollect almost everything In one sitting, I will jump to the later stages of my 8-bit gaming and conclude it in the Next entry which will surely come soon(not like the previous ones).
Kudos till then and Have a nice Time:D