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[QUOTE="FireSpirit117"]I didn't say it would. I figured it would that one out for obvious reasons. :P Hey, wait a minute! Wasn't Aljosa up in arms over the "misogyny" in the new Tomb Raider about a month ago? Why is he praising a cover with T&A and a phallic gesture over a male protagonist's crotch? :?Aljosa23

Because the art is nice and is really reminiscent of Renaissance-era paintings. Would also be a nice change from the generic crap we have now. Not really sure how you were able to connect that cover to a simulated rape scene with a weak female that you "want to protect" but okay.

It's more Baroque than Renaissance, what with the use of diagonals and some tenebrism, invoking more emotion than geometric stability. To be honest, I'm reminded more of the fantastic art genre popular in pop art birthed from Dore and expanded upon by artists like Frazetta than anything else.

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^^ I don't see how it's possible for "Wizard: Mirror Skin" to be common, it's worthless. Diamond skin and all of its runes are basically suck due to the massive nerfs (10-21k absorb at 60 -.- oh look, a pot... -.-)

I guess people are just terrible, maybe they don't even realize the flaws in the game on the virtue that they're so dumb that they couldn't even if it were spelled out :?


I was just thinking as to why anybody in their right mind would bother with Numbing Dart as a WD when SttF is so much better at that job, while Splinting Darts is the best overall. In fact, why the hell is anybody bothering with single target snares when Grasp of the Death exists?

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Best storytelling or best story? I ask because there is a huge difference.

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1) BNet 1.0 was good, someone just didn't play Blizzard games at the time.dracolich55


2)David Sirlin is one of the best street fighter players... wait WTF? What does THAT have to do with this? And the fact that he's actually in favour of the WoW-like skill system says something.dracolich55

Being great at a game means you took the time to analyze a game's design down to every mechanic. He did the same with Diablo 2, applied what he knows about game design, and gave his concise opinion looking from the outside without fanboy goggles. You cannot do the same since you have a hardon for Diablo 2.

3) No, my friend, YOU are terrible at SC2. Want me to link you on some strategy's on how to defeat the zerg?dracolich55

Oh Sweet Jesus...

Congrats, you have missed the entire point of our SC2 "discussion". In my SC2 example, I was explaining why SC2 was broken at launch, namely map design. I AM A ZERG PLAYER, and as a ZERG PLAYER, the maps at release favored the other factions due to the narrow pathways and cliffs that made a swarm race impratical (EXAMPLE: KULAS RAVINE), thus making it hard for me to win as a ZERG PLAYER. This is a clear example of where imbalance existed at launch, something you seem to deny because you feigned knowledge on things you have no clue on.

4), Its not a made up stat, That zombie bear build with VQ and SW is the best way to roll inferno as a WD, either that or switch ZB with Dire Bats. Not only do we have useless skills, but useless rune combinations as well, huzzah! dracolich55

Please provide evidence where 90% of WD abilities are useless. That is not to say that there aren't useless abilities, because there are, but 90%? I eagerly await your extensive research that proves you didn't just pull a number out your ass.

5} Just because one person can do it doesn't mean anyone can, which is good but at the same time noobs rolling Wiz and DH are doing it with worse gear and less skill. Congtraz, you officially need a break from the internet. You don't have vent out your anger on not being bale to defeat the zerg on me, you know.dracolich55

What in the what? So we have a guy that has done something that wasn't assumed possible (Namely playing barbs in inferno), laid out information on how to do it, but yet because no one can be bothered to analyze his tips it continues to be the fault of game design? Your stupidity astounds me.

Also, Makkiworth #950.I'd love to see how bad you are at SC2. Afterwards we can post the replay for sh1ts and giggles.

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There was skill in D2 PvP? I though it was just teleporting/running around and attempt to spam fast enough to catch someone with a one hit kill. It's cute, but not entertaining.

Everything is preference, but the problem with D2 is that it pretends to offer something it just couldn't. The same issue exists in D3 currently, even if the way it handles skills is infinitely better than what was found in D2. One step at a time, I guess.

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Inferno is when Monk and Barb are useless, I meant that they still have a lot of trouble in late hell.


Our monk and barb players are doing just fine in Inferno. Barb just requires extra resistances and life on hit to be very good.

Drac is really good at taking heresay and making it seem like fact without much of an explanation on why things are the way they are.

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The severs were fine in D2, you don't know what you were talking about. I'm saying this from personal experience.

What? Bringing up some random article to prove a point? You do know that person's aritcle is just his opinion, not factual evidence LOL You sound like the type of guy who would bring up the metascore of MW2 to prove its a good game.

How bought showing more than one map to prove that the entire game of SC2 is unbalanced? Z0Mg ONE OF TEH MANY MAPS IS TOO HARD FOR ME TO WIN ON BECAUSE I SUCK AT THIS GAME.... SOOOO UNBALANCED

And even then, I have a friend who is above me on the ladder (he is diamond and I was plat when I still played) and he plas primarily Zerg, I don't know if I have played on that map but I have defeated him MANY times despite him being a better player, and zerg.

So you agree D3 is unbalanced to the point of 90% of the skills not even being viable?

Yeah a loot whore game that requires loot to progress, unless your a Wiz or DH LOL

The RMAH is not out yet, I mean if it was, all those Barbarians and Monks would be able to live for than 5 seconds in inferno, right?

Exposing my ignorance? sorry, but I think you are exposing yours. Hiding behind another mans's opinion because you can't form your own, using the fact that you suck at SC2 and are just mad at zerg players for owing you as a point to saying Sc2 is unbalanced..... I think maybe you need a break from SW and instead of scourging the Internet to find some more opinion tothrow at me as factual evidence you need to read a book, or talk a walk to just relax yourself, calm those nerves and just cool down.


1) Bnet 1.0 was terrible. Anybody who says otherwise never had to deal with it.

2) David Sirlin is a game developer and one of the best Street Fighter players in the world. He analyzed game design since the 90s and gave out sufficientreasons why D2's system was crap....if you have read the article.

3) Lost Temple, Blistering Sands, Delta Quadrant, Desert Oasis, Incineration Zone, Scrap Station. You couldn't articulate why Kulas Ravine was "balanced", and beating your friend doesn't mean a thing. You are terrible at Starcraft 2 so stop talking about it.

4) Skill imbalance exists, but I'm not going to agreewith moronically made up stats like 90%.

5) Throw a Wizard or a Demon Hunter into inferno without sufficient gear. See how that works out. Same with Barbs and Monk. I already posted a video where a Barb tanked and killed several inferno elite packs at once solo.

Congrats, you are officially dumb.

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D2 was fine with servers, don't know what your talking about. Sounds like you were still a toddler when D2 came out. And as for the stats? Please, thats just probab;y what YOU did and what a lot of mindless, lazy gamers who want a "best" build go for, even though there is better options out there depending on your build and class. Don't generalize yourslef with everyone else.dracolich55

28 years old, so no. There were tons of connection errors involved in 1.0 that prevented people from playing together, especially in D2.

As for stat allocation, that was the best, most optimal way to approach every build. It has been mathed to death to the point that it revealed D2's illusion of choice. So yeah, you don't know what you are talking about.

As for the map, its not broken and favored towards the zerg. That just must be the map you lost to the zerg on. When I played Sc2, sometimes I beat the zerg and sometimes they beat me. Its all about player skill, you don't have to be sad about all those losses to the zerg. Just learn to play agianst the zerg and then you will be alright.k?dracolich55

You are stating that Kulas Ravine is not broken, especially as a zerg player.


I want you to say that map design has no impact on balance to these guys, only player skill. Also make sure to mention Kulas Ravine. Seriously, I bet they will have a good laugh over your sheer stupidity.

And yeah tweaking it till it works. Meaning about 90% of the other skills are useless, right? wow, so balanced.dracolich55

Yep, I said exactly just that. You are a bright one, thinking up new ways to twist an argument so it works in your favor despite not addressing the initial point. Well, bright or really, really dumb.

And no its not about player skill, you need some $$$ IRL to survive longer than 5 seconds on inferno with the melee classes while with the Wiz and DH any monkey with some blues and do inferno. Yeah, so balanced. Melee Classes require cash just to survive while the ranged classes just faceroll inferno?dracolich55

GASP! A loot whore game requires loot to progress?!

Anyways, I already addressed itemization being bonkers, but needing actual money? The RMAH ain't even out yet. If you aren't finding what you need and don't want to use the AH, socialize with others in general, trade with them, play with them, yata yata. There are enough tools outside of AH to increase your pool of items.

You are exposing your ignorance, Drac. Seriously, the stuff you are typing out borders on insanity.

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MK's art style is about as unique as a Rob Liefeld illustration circa the 90s. I don't know how NRS can design beautiful settings but fugly as hell characters.


Hey! Hey! Hey! As ridiculous as RL's costume designs were, I still have a huge bunch of youngbloods and bloodstrikes, they at least looked cool!

Ew. Ew. Ew. Thank god Image expanded beyond their third rate comic book heroes and created some great stuff, like The Walking Dead, Liberty Meadows (Though it existed before being published by Image), and Elephantmen.

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MK's art style is about as unique as a Rob Liefeld illustration circa the 90s. I don't know how NRS can design beautiful settings but fugly as hell characters.


wut? The characters look awesome.


Yeah, no. Even though Smoke looks like Christopher Walken in this. Christopher Walken is pretty cool.