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3 or 4 years later!!

Totally forgot to log on this site for about 4 years. It's good to be back on, need to clear all those PS2 games out of my watching and wish list now :P.

Resident Evil 5

On a recent forum topic some kid said that RE5 was racist beacuse in this one we're be fighting Haitians/Blacks, depending on where the game is set. He said he was gonna send it to Al Sharpton, im sure he was kidding but what if someone out there really does do that. That guy just has to kick and scream and fly the racist flag and people give so im a little worried. I just wanted to get your reactions beacuase Im kinda worried about the fate of the game in America, Japan couldn't care less lol, so tell me what you think id greatly appreciate it.


i got 50 posts today. i know thats not alot but im only on the comp for like an hour or 2 a day.