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O Where O Where are the PSP Games???

As good as SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo is, I'm tired of playing it. I'm also getting a little tired of Twisted Metal: Head On. The reason that I am wearing these games out is because there is a serious lack of good PSP games with true online play. I'm not sure why there seems to be a reluctance to add infrastructure mode to many of these games, but it is very frustrating. I was very excited to see Star Wars Battlefront II coming to the PSP, only to find out that they completely neutered the game by inexplicably not having online multiplayer. The same thing can be said for the Monster Hunters game about to be released; a great looking and very interesting game that I will never buy because the a**clowns developing it forgot to add an online multiplayer mode. I'm a pretty easy gamer to please. I like to blow things up and I like to play sports games. The only good sports game thus far that I have seen is MLB:The Show, which I will be getting shortly. Madden 06 couldn't have been a bigger disappointment. The load times and glitches made the game unplayable. I bought it, played it for a week, made a list of every bug and flaw I found, and then took it back with the list for a full refund. The MVP Baseball game released last year was similarly flawed (well, no load times before EVERY PLAY like with Madden) and unplayable. I really hope EA gets their stuff in order for this year's Madden 07. And speaking of blowing things up, where are the First Person Shooters (FPS) for the PSP? And don't give me any crap about the control layout not being conducive for an FPS. If a Third Person Shooter (TPS) can work, so can an FPS. The control scheme of Coded Arms isn't terrible, the levels suck and there is again, a lack of online multiplayer, which makes the game pretty bad overall, but the controls work. The SOCOM controls could also work for an FPS. I'll take a target lock feature to make up for the controls. Any whiners can just play SOCOM and then try to tell me that the lock-on ruins the multiplayer online, because it clearly doesn't. Killzone would have been the ultimate FPS and could have been a killer app for the PSP, but no. They went and made it a TPS like every other shooter on the PSP. I'll rent it first to see if it's any good, but so far all of the other TPS games have paled in comparison to SOCOM, so I left them on the shelves. The new Coded Arms game looks promising and it BETTER include online multiplayer mode or there will be a lot of incredibly pissed off PSP owners out there. I've had the PSP for a year and so far it's been an enormous disappointment. The game variety is terrible, there needs to be more online multiplayer games, more quality sports games, and for god's sake will someone make an FPS will an online mode?