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MLB 2K6 for Xbox 360

I alternately love and hate this game. Now that 2K Sports has finally gotten around to releasing their hit or miss game patch, at least I can reliably play franchise games. Every now and then it will still freeze up online, but it's a lot better than it was. I really like the features that are built into this game. The franchise mode is deep, the Inside Edge scouting system is a great addition, and the batting/pitching controls are some of the best to-date. The graphics are very sharp although I wouldn't call them true `next gen` graphics. I expect 2K7 will have vastly improved graphics after playing games like GRAW (best visuals I have ever seen in any video game, seriously, get it if you have a 360) and Fight Night Round 3 (ridiculous levels of detail in the character modeling) and realizing the potential of the 360. I do hate that 2K Sports didn't properly bug test this game as it is one of the buggiest console games I have ever seen. The fielding and base running controls are simply atrocious. Base runners will just randomly take off to the next base after having slid safely, fielders will run into the wall if you get anywhere close to it, then will take their sweet time getting back up. There are many other bugs, mostly related to fielding and base running, but not entirely. I have made many, many slider adjustments in my franchise and it does help to make the game more realistic (like controlling the unrealistic cannon arms that most outfielders seem to possess.) I truly enjoy the online play of MLB 2K6 when it doesn't freeze up. They eliminated all of the cut-scene fluff when online that can unnecessarily waste time. The game play is fast with no lagging and the action keeps moving. If you ever want to play me I play as the Phillies; feel free to send a message or a game invite. Later on.