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My Computer Died

Yeah, what can I say? I launched Fear, and my graphics card just died. Too much dust I guess. I'm currently borrowing a laptop, with no MSN or other means of contact.

Luckily a party this evening compensated for this "tragic event."

I'm shipping it to a repair shop on Monday.

Sins of a Solar Empire, Spore, and more

So Spore's date has been confirmed. I must say that I'm both glad and surprised at the same time. It seemed like no-one knew it was coming. I look forward to getting it.

In the other news, I got SOASE and I love it. So far I'm getting in to the more alien-like race, since it's more about quality and research rather than spamming units (a style that I cannot pick up, for some weird reason). The playthroughs are slow, it certainly takes time to build and conquer. A little adjustment, since I'm used to more fast RTS'es.

On my first playthrough one medium, I got plowed and alienated by the enemy. The AI is smart. Now I have completed two matches, and I'm on a medium map with an ally against two other components. Man, this game is fun.

I expect to write a review in 2-3 weeks. I need to try some multiplayer matches first (after some practise).

I'm also midway through my holiday, aw. I'm still thinking about hosting a TF2 gamenight with Gamespot.

And lastly, there seems to be a glitch with my blog-tracking system. If I haven't commented on your blog, let me know.

Winter Holidays

Finally it has come. At the moment I'm trying to buy Sins of a Solar Empire through their website. It looks sexy.

Teacher for a Week

This week has been our class week for work experience. Basically, we find a place to get a job, get hired, spend the rest of the week there, go back to school. Just to try out what we want with our lifes, concerning work.

I myself want to go to College and move on to a Journalist school, then find some freelancer work. Anyway, they don't accept students at my age for a job (I did get a letter from one of Denmarks only 'true' papermogules employee, saying that she were more than interrested in hiring me - next year). Being literally dumped right before the day I had to find something, my choices were few;

Be a postman (have routes, sort out mail, etc)

Be a first grade help-teacher. Guess what I chose? Yep. Teaching (at my own school too, lol).

So far, I have experienced how much small children make noise. It's insane. I stopped listening to my Ipod yesterday because my ears are bombarded. They are in pain. And to make matters worse, a unstable kid (idunno) started throwing chairs and went **** when she was being told off because of her bad behaviour. After running screaming out of the class, throwing two chairs, and then slamming the door violently (ow, my **** ears! Again!) I was pretty much in shock. She humbly returned 10 minutes later. And it get's better.

A girl has been angry all day (throwing tantrums at every possible moment), a girl was hit with a stick and had to go to the hospital to get stitched, and a huge discussion took place (something about someone taking another ones seat. Big deal.) Right in the middle of it all, I sat there, pondering, "What are you doing here? You really messed up."

I've come to realize that I didn't. I love this. I will never be a teacher, but these hours has some highlights too. I had forgotten how strongly and quickly young children bond with you. And "silly fun" they can be.

And most of them appreciate what I do.

EDIT: and now I'm helping me' mother with her english homework. Nice :P

Team Fortress Feature: Meet the Soldier

Meet the Soldier header :3

"Yeearrrgh!!!" - the Soldier

Who is he?

The soldier is the versatile powerhouse. His firepower only matched by the enormous Heavy. The Soldier is equipped with a devasting bazooka/rocket launcher and the clas.sical shotgun. His melee weapon is a seemingly harmless shovel. Don't be fooled.

If you have seen "No News From the The Westfront" you will know that a well-placed hit is more than enough to rip someones head off.


Being big and hard not to spot, you would expect everyone to go after him. Any experienced player has seen his eyes, and realize how much of a pshyco he is. In battle he will scream as his opponents limbs explodes to pieces. He fancies his typical helmet, and a clas.sical but very fashionable BLU/RED uniform.

Hint's And Strategy's

Ah yes, the Soldier. Contrary to believe, a "true" Soldier is a very experienced player. The developers made him very powerful and agile with certain faults to balance him.

Always reload

Even in battle you should reload your rocket launcher. A typical scenario is Soldier vs. Soldier. Predict where your enemy is going and shoot a rocket there. If you calculated rightly, he should explode or get hit by the splash-damage.

Don't be afraid running into cover. You will need to reload as you only have 4 shots a round, and reloading is very slow, and doing it before your enemy will get you killed.


With a little over a months experience, I still find spot's where the developers have made edges only reachable by the Soldier. Get hight advantages by rocketjumping. Everytime you do so you will loose some life. So don't do it with little life left, dummkopf.

Killing Spies

Killing a Spy is relatively easy with your rocket launcher. However, should you not have the time (ie, you're low on life, you're out of ammo, have to reload, etc) don't pull out your shotgun. Instead, use the shovel, as it is always garantued to set the Spy in place.

If the spy decloakes, use your shotgun's scatterfire to reveal the spy.


+ All-around jack of trades, but still powerful

+ Huge health and a good addition to a team

+ Rocketjumping and killing enemies with your shovel never get's old.

- Slow at times.

- A little bland clas.s.

- Variety is not that present with the Soldier

Personal Comment

My least played clas.s. I tend to avoid the soldier, even though he has a few weaknesses. But he doesn't have any major strengths either.

Oh, and I suck at playing as a soldier :)

Comments are more than welcomed.

Team Fortress Feature - Meet The Sniper

Goddamn GameSpot image restrictions :(

"God save the Queen!" - Sniper

Who is he?

The Sniper is the master of long-range shooting. Equipped with his rifle, a Luger, and a machete that will make even the most brutal Heavy shiver, he resides in many places on the battlefield. Most likely in the back of all the action (in a non-sissy way, OK?)

If you can spot his deadly sniping dot before he kills you, you are truly lucky (or experienced, depends on how you look at things). The Sniper is often good at suppressing the enemy (be it those damn BLU, or bastardly RED).


The Sniper sports a Florida-retired-grandpa look (however, there is the possibility that he is English to do his teeth and quirky allignment towards a queen :P). His face is so stiff that he could feature in a poker game. The Sniper's face is covered with big, fashion glasses that would make even Paris Hilton proud. His body is bedecked with a casual vest, fitting his very plain shoes.

Very few times does he speak. His hissing sound (usually triggered by a nasty headshot) will make the enemy think twice before running in to the open.

Hint's And Strategy's

The sniping-rifle, like it or not, is the most vital thing the Sniper has. Experienced gamers will quickly be able to adept it, newcomers to gaming will have to learn things from scratch. Reflexes and patience is also a major role when playing a Sniper; Waiting for an enemy can be tideous.

When he finally does, you better be ready to shoot him in the head.

Hide your sniping dot

Enemy's will quickly notice the red/blue dot you make when you are zoomed in with your sniping-rifle. This way the can quickly spot you, and avoid your deadly fire. A popular sniping map is 2fort, in which many does this mistake. Hide your dot, but keep your scope on enemy spawn/chokepoints.


Sniping is often a task many give up on. Sniping can be hard, especially if the other players are experienced. Practicing will improve your reflexions, and thus your ability to show the world your enemies splattered brain.


No, no. Navy is not in TF2, don't worry. Jokes aside, you are often exposed by spies when you zoom in. They want to knife you in the back, a business that certainly isn't pleasant for you. So instead of going through that horror, listen to your environments. If someone is nearing you, zoom out and hit him twice with your deadly manchete. If it is a spy, he will quickly collapse, or run away screaming in agony (a perfect chance for you to target practise with your Luger, don't you think?)

If it's a teammember, he will shrug it off and you can continue your killing for leasure.


+ Devastating headshots

+ Can easily defend himself in up-close combat

+ Clas.s that is easy to approach

- Big spy target

- Not always fun playing

- Clas.s that is easy to approach

Personal Comment

The Sniper can be a very entertaining and necessary component on a team. However, most of the time as a Sniper, you spend looking through your scope. That quickly get's boring.

And while the Sniper does have the tool to attack up front (specifically the Luger) it does not have enough ammunition to really pack a punch. Which is just the way he was designed to be played. Furthermore, a Sniper is often backstabbed by a Spy. Mainly because you are too busy rooting out other Snipers and killing enemies.

The Sniper falls short because the clas.s isn't as varied and spot-on as most of the other The Sniper is a great clas.s but in a game such as TF2 it's hard to make it to the top.

What did you think of this "issue"? Was it a good start? Do you agree? Was it helpfull, and if so, how?

Oh yeah, and the first beautiful image got messed up. New banner is a little cranky. To get a better quality (current one is squeezed together), go in under my image section :)

What I've been up to

I've been cooking up all sorts of "treats" for you all :P

In the upcoming days I will look for a opportunity to start a GameSpot Team Fortress 2 gaming night. Speaking of which, this game has really drained my spare time. When I wasn't playing the game, I was doing my preparations for some "test exams." I got A+ nearly all the way around :D (except for maths... brrrr.)

So yeah. It will probably happen around Friday night, where everyone is invited. Newbies aswell as pro's. GameSpot will be it's name, an I will probably run every original map, plus the modded "lazytown" which is a great map. If anyone wants to try out how a real modded map should be like, there ya go. I will deepen this out in a thread in the forums, when I get to know if it's even a possibility for me to host it.

If you have TF2, and want to be in this, write a comment. That way I can test if I'm moving out on deep water, and if anyone actually wants to have a play.

Which brings me to another point; When I feel like it, I'll probably elect my favourite TF2 characters and make short/long *hopefully* humorous blog posts about them. Perhaps even throw a few tip's and observations I've made. I already have a clear winner, now I'm just going to engineer some pictures and such to make it more spicy :)

All TF2 player's will also be welcomed to make their lists, post hints and stragety's and so on. Hopefully I will learn something life-saving (note to my self: You are not Rambo. Medics just won't be able to play in that style.)

Coming soon in your local theater.

EDIT: Nevermind. Abandoned until I get a opportunity.

Not dead... yet

Won't be commenting on all of your wonderfull blog's and posts for a weekend or so. I hope you all enjoy yours :)


Definiton: A Good Game Community

On my gaming ventures I have tried experiencing several gaming communities. Some far worse than other.

Before doing this little essay, here's my explanation of a community, as the definition is very wide and depends on every persons own personal thought on the subject. For me, a community is the in game persons (if it's a multiplayer, at least), the official site, and lastly any additional fan-sites.

An example of a offline game with a brilliant online community is Morrowind; Never have I met such enthuastic a moderating community. Thousands, if not millions of mod's have been released for this game. And only a few a poor. This, combined with the enormous changes some mod's have done to the vanilla Morrowind, is just.. well, almost breathtaking. And if that's not enough, it must be the kindest modding community I have seen. Practically all the scripting/modelling questions are answered with a heartwarming smile: Help is always assured.

Even though I lurked and to some extent became a part of that community. With Oblivions release, the community lost several great modder's- the interest had died out by this point. Perhaps it was about time.

Another strong experience was of a game, which name I can't even remember. It was pirated based, the details doesn't really matter. Anyway, at a certain point into this good, free MMORPG I met a couple who both played online. We chit-chatted, and suddenly I had become a part of their guild.

A few months later. and it started getting big. We even took part into an enormous siege war, and we won. The feeling was great, and we all had a blast. Sadly, I slowly lost interest in the game.

3 weeks later, I had quite.

Experiences such as these help me involve myself more into the games I'm playing. Nothing is better than chatting with a buddy, or attacking that boss together. That's why the community in games are important, influencing even singleplayer games. Game developers contribute greatly to their own game when they involve themselves into their own game-related forums.

Most game-developers don't have time for this (and that's understandable), but getting a steady stream of patches, help, and friendly advises from a part of the development team gives a.. heartwarming feeling. You start to really appreciate your purchase.

You start to appreciate the community.

What's the best experience you had with a game-related community?

What's the worst?

Did you ever receive help from a part of the development team/someone officially involved in the game?

Any additional things you want to say? :)

D3 Danish Game Convention

A few weeks ago I went to the rather new danish gaming convention, D3. With only 2 years of experience the convention is still very new, and since I had never visited a gaming convention, I remained very sceptical about visting it (mostly about certain personalities.. You know, the "still-living-in-mom's-basement). A friend of mine teased me with promises of fun, and I finally gave in.

Now, a few weeks later, I'm glad I did. It was a blast to try out various demos and watch various game developers and publishers talk about modern gaming industry. The convention was spread out into 4 areas: Demostands, EA, Wii, and lastly a huge scene for speeches, which subjects such as new danish developers, new danish online TV-station PixelTV, etc.

Of course there was various sub-areas, such as a store, and my favourite, a Guitar Hero 3 corner. At first look, the whole convention was confusing, simply because of it's sheer size. That's why I walked over to the before mentioned GH3 corner, simply because it was the only thing I could relate to, at the given time.

Struck with awe, I watched two dudes duking' it out in the game, both competing on expert with the song 'Through The Fire and Flames' by 'Dragonforce.' In case you have never heard the number, here's a video.

Notice how you have to play so fast, that your guitar sounds like its producing a stream of machine gun fire. 2 minutes of staring like a complete idiot, the incredible battle was over. Although certainly tempted, I decided not to have a go.

Instead I took a look at the EA area, which was simply dissapointing. Said shortly, it was a few 360 Xbox'es hooked up with some already- and dated releases. Call of Duty 3 seemed to be the main focus(they could have showcased Call of Duty 4, which was going to be released a week later) followed up by Portal and Fifa 08.

Not that exciting.

After having a few try's at a brutally challenging Portal levels, I headed over for a Rock Band stand.

Anyone curious(or rather, brave) enough could try Rock Band before it's release. It was set-up like a real scene, and the crowd was big. A few posers had a try at 'Welcome To The Jungle' by 'Guns'n'roses', and a complete humiliation later(mainly enforced by the poor vocalist) the crowd cheered at the players. I clapped too. They did something brave, and they had fun meanwhile.

They left stage, and the crowd quickly lost interrest as I.

Instead, a corner reserved by danish developers Zeitguys caught my attention. The funder is apparently one of the same guys that started IO Interactive. I have a special love for Hitman, and I must say I was a bit dissapointed at the game so far. It's controls are supposedly like Hitman, you control and watch your character from a 3rd perspective from the back. While it does work, perhabs it was time for the developers to try something new, since this game was specifically a shooter of sorts.

There was no trying the game, the only option of knowing the game better was looking at gameplay movie. Sadly, it looks very generic and slightly boring at this stage. Zeitguys promises that you will be able to change history in game, which I'm doubtful of.

The most surprising thing I encountered that day was MMORPG booths. Pengya online, Earthbound, and many other free MMORPGS advertised their games, which I found pretty funny for some reason.

This is rather short, but I can happily admit that I will visit this excellent convention next year.