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Finally a Castlevania with hope to surpass SOTN?

Well, anyone who reads the topic already knows what i'm talking about, the new Castlevania, Lords of Shadow, rumor has it that Alucard is back in this one, something i've hoped to see since i finished Symphony of the Night.

Now, to really start this post, i'll talk a little more of SOTN first. According to Gamespot SOTN was"Quite possibly the best 2D action side scroller ever.", i think they are wrong, i say "THE best 2D action side scroller ever", and i'ts personally one of the top 5 games on my list. As a quick review of this Castlevania, great gameplay, great graphics from the time it was released, and a different story from the previous ones, epic game, played and finished 200% 5 times and on my last play i went to level 75. I keep wondering how it would be a remake of SOTN, with more weapons, magics, bosses and gameplay improvements, online player vs player and co-op story mode (Alucard and Maria) and much more. Unfortunately Konami didn't made a comeback for Alucard and after SOTN the only blew-my-mind castlevania to me was Order of Ecclesia, one of the latest releases, and even so, the arcade version of SOTN for XBox 360 it's on the Gamespot's Adventure Popular Index, not Ecclesia.

And now Konami is announcing a new Castlevania with Alucard, on a beat'em up gameplay, for something i've hoped for too long i'm actually scared of what can become of it. There's been to much beat'em up lately and with Bayonetta putting a new score to beat i dunno what can become of Lords of Shadow, i can just hope for the best and huge improvement upon what was Curse of Darkness and Lament of Innocence.

In the end, i hope Castlevania Lords of Shadow can be a true castlevania, just like SOTN was, for now i have to wait until it's release date.