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2nd Place in Greenmania Scavenger Hunt!

I feel great... Just like last year, I won the Greemania scavenger hunt, and now I won this years too :P I just wish I got a t-shirt again, or something. But the emblem is awesome anyway! Anyway, I'll be posting the links now... Enjoy :D

1. Green elf or fairy:

2. Game character wearing shoes with green on them:

3. A male game character wearing a green shirt/vest or top:

4.A Gamespot Staff member that has something green in their avatar

5.A game character (any gender) wearing green pants

6. A character with green lips

7.A female game character with green in her dress or skirt

8. A game character (any gender) wearing a green hat

9. A green insect

10. A User that has something green in their profile banner

11. A green monster (excluding humanoids, such as a green colored human and dinosaurs)

12.A game character (any gender) with green hair

13. A character with green eyes

14. A female game character wearing a green blouse/vest/shirt

15. A green vehicle

16.An alien that has some green on it

17.A Gamespot Staff member that has something green in their profile banner

18.A green plant

19.A green energy blast

20. Either a green farm animal or a farm animal wearing something green

Happy (Belated?) New Years! And Recent Purchaces

Wow, I haven't blogged in a while... Anyway, happy new year to you all! I hope you're all ready for another awesome year of games, movies, and other fun stuff!

Anyway, to my recent purchaces. Yesterday I bought MGS3: Subsistence, God Hand, and Bullet Witch, and I'm actually enjoying the hell out of Bullet Witch and God Hand. I haven't actually touched MGS3S yet, but I already beat MGS3 so I know it is awesome. Also, I (finally) beat Persona 3... What an amazing game; totally deserved RPG of the year.

I bought A LOT of games last year, averaging to about 7 games a month. Boy, having a job sure is fun. :roll:

Well, Rock Band is a lot of fun, and I've been progressing on Drums pretty fast which is good. Oh, and if any of you want to start a band, I'd be all for it. TIMMAAAY!

I got a huge new years resolution that I *hope* I will keep up: I'll be keeping track of every single game I buy this year, and then at the end, I'll take a picture of every thing :D

Anyway, that's all I have to say, and I'll see you guys on the lovable On the Spot sometime soon!

SMT Persona 3 and Reserved Bioshock

Well, today's visit to EB was fun. I immediately found Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3; which I went there for. Then while the guy searched for the disc (he looked under "P"...) Anywho, the employee tells my mom "You shoot yourself in the head to summon your Persona!" Ya, it was pretty awesome. Anyway, I then asked if they'll be getting any LE copies of Bioshock in tomorrow, and they said that there will be one on the shelf and all the others are reserved; I said I'd put one on hold. So, yay! Bioshock + Big Daddy figurine = awesome!

Oh ya, I'll also be ordering my Japanese PS2 with some games, I'll try to pre-order the Crisis Core PSP off of play-asia soon when the pre-orders are available, and that Persona 3 art booklet is pretty sweet (even though I just glanced at the first couple of pages. ) Anyway, time for some SMT P3 till Button Mashing is on!

See you in the chat! Tchuss!

The Time Has Come to an End with the Deathly Hallows :P

*There will be no spoilers* I finally finished the book about an hour and a half ago... Finally :P I would of finished sooner if I didn't have to work some much and volunteer at this thing at my Church... Anywho, after reading that, I totally feel that my life is complete... I've never had so much fun reading a book... Plus I smiled a lot :P There were some really great parts/quotes that made me smile; I love when things do that for me :P Anywho... I just felt like writing a blog, since I haven't been on in a while; and sadly, I will once again miss tomorrows On The Spot :(


Hurray for Fun!

Well, I'm glad to be one of the 10 people on Gamespot who got one of the new Scavanator emblems :D Ya! I feel good, even though my throat is really soar and my right ear feel supersensitive (ARG! I hate hearing more than I want too!)... Jealous much?

In other news... Command & Conquer 3 for the 360 is quite fun... And I'm almost done reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; less than a hundred pages to go (will probably finish before, or after Heroes tonight!) 

Woot! I Got Xbox Live Gold :D

Well, I just bought the Vision kit, so I'll be able to play online with you guys again; especially Gears of War, and UNO! So Dave, you said you wanted to beat me at UNO a while back before I got my 360... Well, now's your chance! Anyway, my Gamertag is still MrRawrMaster, so anyone who hasn't added me yet, or I haven't added you, then add me now, and prepare to have fun! Pants ftw!

I'm Back!

So, about an hour ago, I finally came home from the airport after visiting Paris, Provence (a place in France), and Barcelona! Well, I had a great time, and I'll post the best pics I took when I go through all of them. Umm... glad to be back :D

What An Awesome Day...

    Well, yesterday (the 13th) we were suppose to get a huge snow storm, so when I woke up, it didn't seem bad, but my school's transportation was closed, and well, I take the bus home, so I couldn't make it home if I went. Well, this turned out to be an awesome day!
    To begin, I decide to play some GH1 & 2, 5 starting more songs on Expert, when I look out my window and I see this Puralator truck; I was thinking, what could they have... Anyway, I take the package from the guy, and take it upstairs, I then realize it's from Toysrus; the exact place we ordered our Wii five days ago... So, I figure that it is that even though we got no confirmation of the actually shipping. I decided to go on MSN to see if my brothers, who's at University at the time, is on; he was :D
    Anyway, when I opened it, it was the Wii, so yippy, I set it up and then play Zelda, boy is it fun :D When my brother got home, we played Wii Sports which was also fun. About 1 ago, we bought Warioware, which is by far one of the funnest games I played in a long time... Actually doing what they suggest is so hilarious and fun.
    Anyway, if it wasn't for this bus cancellation day, I would've had to wait till tomorrow to get the Wii from the post office... Yay Wii, well, I guess I'm now holding off for a while till I make the money to buy the 360... :D

Hooray! I Beat Expert :Dgh

Well, last night, I finally be Expert mode on Guitar Hero 2... The Battle Axe rules btw. I had about 9 songs to do, then when I got home to the place I always go on Tuesdays; I decided to try again, and well, I beat the rest of the songs.

Well, now it's time to 5* all the songs :D Good luck to me :D

The Prizes are In :D *PICTURES*

So, once I came home from school, I grabbed the mail, and when I came home; ~5 minutes later, a man shows up at the door. Well, it was the prize I won. So after paying the import charges ($48! But meh, it's totally worth it) So I open it and voila! Not only was it NBA 2k7, I received College Hoops 2k7, a t-shirt, and a little door hoop thingy. So, all in all, it was really awesome.

I'll put pictures up later tonight since my brother isn't home right now, and he's the only one who knows how to upload the digital camera pictures :D So, umm... hurray for me!

Edit: The Photos are up.
PS. I included GeoW and NBA 2k6 for fun :D Therefore, 4 360 games so far, and three of them I won :D

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