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1. First the improvement of Development support I agree is one of the most important. More over SONY needs to make game engines like Unreal 3, Crytech engine, ID's engine, Criticon's engine... etc the top Game engines out there and work on it so it is PS3 native. Sony already sub leases Unreal 3 they need to do that to several engines so developers have a choice and power. 2. Also, with online there is a lot to work on. As for copying Xbox live that is a start. having connections and a stable platform even if it cost money to use. Second look at MySpace, youtube, and other sites. Home can incorperate those abiliteis, or connect to them in some way. AND fix the online browsing. IF this is going to be a replacement to people who only use their computer for online usage then they need to get it right. 3. more intergreation with PSP take a game and be able to tranfer the chater to the PSP to do spicific missions. For RPG be able to level up by fighting monsters on the PSP. ... But the price is not that bad if PS3 is able to work things out and get things humming. I mean look at Xbox 360 elite. 479.00$ US without the HD-DVD player. 4. Another important detail is the games themselves. This generation more than ever is not much different than last. The only difference is graphics, which is why HD is really being pushed. But physics, AI, interaction with NPCs and enviornment needs to be increased a lot. Again the most thing Sony needs to do is get Exclusives from 3rd party and give them tools that use more power of the PS3. Then have the online work great.