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WOW and the new Consoles

I Loved WOW when I first played. I started when Burning crusade launched.  I thought after they introduced a whole new world that this is how it would be for every expantion, whole new worlds that got bigger.  I loved to just travel around though hated the old Final Fantasy style walk-through and fight every few seconds though at least there is in some places a road that allowed you to avoid some fighting, and later flying mount was great. 

I was wrong and after a while WOW became stale, with the same mission types same battles, same kinds of bosses.   

I would LOVE for Blizzard to come out with a REMAKE of WOW for the PS3 and XboxI. Here are some suggestions so it will be DIFFERENT than WOW for PC.

  1. Instead of just different Realms on different servers with different names.  Why not have people's progression and new updates and expansion pacts on different servers.
  • People would start out in WOW levels 1-29 when they reached lvl 30 they would have to move to a new group of servers for level 30- 59
  • Each group would have a time table thus events in each server would have a beginning middle and end. 
  1. for those who did not complete to lvl 30 would chose another server that would star or already started. 
  2. for those who have gone to level 30 they would move on to a new set of servers.  depending on the outcome of what happened in the previous servers there would be several servers to chose from. 

Quest would take on new meaning as time passes, and quest have an effect on the world around. 

  • Smaller basses and camps/outpost could change hands, or be destroyed. 
  • dungeons could be beaten and closed.  
  • keep NPCs could die and quest changed to other NPCs or stopped. 
  • Dungeons NPCs and all NPCs would also gain in skill, level as time progressed. The NPCs would grow in number (unless killed) in a timely fashion and gain foot holds outside their area of control. There will always be a minimum number of NPCs around the area as is now, but left unchecked they will quickly grow in numbers and take over larger areas. 


  • A TIME limit would be in effect.  The amount of time that people can play per charter wold be limited to X amount of hours per week.
  • Limited total Number of charters per account.
  • Limited Number of same faction charters per realm 
  • Only one faction per server/realm and they may not go later on to same server/realm

Guilds will play a more important roll in their faction and on the land.  

  • guilds could build a outpost, that can turn into several levels before becoming a huge castle.
  • Guilds and all Players can help any City, by buying from that city. Its wealth can grow due to number of NPCs in the city which is  direct result from how many quest are completed and how much buying and selling happens in the city. 

Factions would now be up to 5 or more. Alliance, Horde, Neutral  Burning Legion (several different groups), Undead (Lich King, Savantas, separate group, Death Knights) Dragonflights. 

  • factions against another faction can fight faction to faction just like now in PVP battle grounds,  While larger battles could have allies join with each other and fight other allied groups. 
  • ...

New skills,  the limited attack and defend of players needs to be changed.  

  • New classes, and added abilites to the classes.
    1. Summoner, ability to summon different creatures to attack or defend
    2. Buffer- defense or offence uses huge library of buffs to aid players or to lower enemies abilities.  (this would mean that charters that buff would lose such abilities) 
  • changes to classes would indlude 
  1. some classes able to shoot from far away 
  2. different classes of mages or add sorcerer.   the difference would be in strength/distance. The farther they spell the weake the damage.  Added local teleport, and multi clones. have objects hurl at target, reflect spells, deflect incoming objects. 
  3. Hunters need more traping skills or split into hunters and trapers.