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Where do we go from here?? Will we see something new or just same old same old?

Gen 1

Atari, CV, mag, and others the first gen systems all had a look and played a certin way.

Gen 2

NES, Sega Master System, Commodore64 these systems were good and had added a whole new ability to games and there was a big difference

Gen 3

 SNES, SGen, NEC TG16, Neo-Geo this Gen added from last gen somewhat of a change but more an inovation of what was already there. Better graphics and more of the same. Though SNES added backgrounds that roated bigger sprites and more colur. Sega speed up the processing for quicker

Gen 4

3DO, SSat, PS, N64, A big change to 3D though blocky and not as good looking as 2D. still the change came

Gen 5 (4.5)

DC, PS2, GC, XboX.  a bigger jump than Gen 2-3 but not a great jump like 2D to 3D. but the graphics were a big and needed improvement over last gen. But the game play did not change much.

AND NOW TO GEN 6 true it just started but with so much happening I do not see much change

  1. COST for people to start to play games
  2. cost of game development
  3. number of sequels
  4. number of games that copy other games
  5. number of development houses going out of business
  6. number of great new games that are inovative that have failed.
  7. publishers unwillingness to pay for different, innovative or unproven games.
  8. number of mature games that add only killing to it as a way to sell.
  9. public view that games are for kids
  10. public view that games are too viloent.
  11. public view that geeks play games
  12. Number of used games for sale and their price on Ebay and at retail (gamestop, Block Buster, Best Buy?)

In the end we will not know for some time how the games will turn out.  Its early now and PS3 and REV are not out yet while X360 is still very young.  Will the industry allow and welcome  change or will they stick with the same old games with better graphics that is LESS OF A RISK.