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I wand Nintendo and Sony to try to get every game possible from the past ..

onto their systems. PSP, REV, DS, PS3.

I want

  1. commodore 64
  2. Atari 2600
  3. Atari 7200
  4. Colleco vision
  5. Sega Master system
  6. Neo-Geo
  7. Turbo Graphics
  8. Sega Genisus, 32X CD, 32X-CD
  9. Wonderswan/ neogeo pocket
  10. Older PC games
  11. Amigo games

Every system that had games. could be sold for a few dollars or have people access the games and pay a monthly fee.  This would help people get their hands on legal games with out truning to emulaters and having the development community lose money and have less to put foward tword more games of teh future!!