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HOW MANY GAMES do we need or can we play?

There are over 2 thousand games made this Generation and thousands more made over the last 4 generations from Atari to Sega Saturn, and PC games over the generations.

The question is how many games did people play or have time and money for.  I mean as they make more games that cost more money how many more people will change from buying new games to used or discounted games. wich will later become used games. In addition, I have heard of gamers coming together and sharing or trading games.

As Franchises run out of steem will there be new games to take their place?? How long will sports games continue to sale well every year?? How about extreem sports such as Skate bording?? How are FPS sales going to continue??

Looking at Fighting games and how their sales have diminish it looks like many other types of games will follow the same path.