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Ratchetbuddy101 Blog

I'm back in BLU!

Hey, peeps. :D

Just wanted to tell you guys that I'm back! Oh, and the blu part, I wanted to say "Back in Black", but I didn't want to sound racist in the minds of my viewers and offend even the slightest person. So... yeah.... I'm back! :D

Sorry I wuz gone for a while. :( I was rly caught up w/ life, and stuff... :P Sounds kinda cheezy I know, but yeah... I'm back.

That's basically it. Nothing really big happened to me except... yeah, nothing. :P

Till next blog entry,

I'm out


I'm bored out of my wits... x_x

Well... as you can tell from my blog title, I'm bored. No sugar-coating. I'm bored.

I, myself, am surprised that this is happening. :|
Usually, I'm "fun" and "joy" and... >_> "fun", but right now, I'm not. :( I feel like I lost my luster. :cry:

Anyway, to keep you, the reader, entertained I will talk about my life. *sigh* Again.

So... right now I'm just waiting for my Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters to come thought I know it's not going to happen anytime soon because Chicago has a HUGE goddamn snow storm. :x
I really should move somewhere else.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a "SAT Screening" where I try out the SATs to "get the feel of it". (WTF?)

Yesterday, I went to Best Buy and play Resistance: Fall of Man on their PS3 (yes, I know, sad v_v) when I spotted a cool game I wanted. WTF. It's just like WarioWare, a collection of minigames, on the PSP, so I bought it just for the heck of it. :D
Here's a pic:

Isn't it just the coolest?!?!?! :P

Also, I found out recently that I had planned a lot of unions for me to make, but I never did and I apologize. :P
Either I lose my interest on the subject or I just don't have enough charters. So... yeah. I'm sorry. v_v

I feel like starting a My Chemical Romance Union. Any charters? :P

It may sound like I'm having fun, but I'm not. Trust me.

If you truly care about me, please leave a comment regarding my miserable condition. :(


What should I do?!?!?!

Okay. Before I tell this "interesting" blog story, I have to tell you that my younger brother, Will (Sometimes I call him Wii-ll :P), is REALLY superstitious (sp?). I'm serious. He carries a horseshoe from our neighbor's farm. He carries it to EVERYWHERE he goes. Even in the shower!!! :shock: Will also hates Friday 13th and skipped school on 6/6/06 for "medical" reasons.

Okay, back to the story. :P

Yesterday, I recieved a chain letter in the mail that had to do with some kid that died in 9/11 and will eat my soul if I don't copy this letter (in pencil) and send it to 10 people I know in the next 4 days.

Either I'm paranoid or my brother's superstition has gotten into me because I'm getting seriously afraid. :( (I know... sad. [This is the first threatening chain letter I ever recieved.]) But I can't send that chain letter cuz I HATE (:evil: ) chain letters. (Have I also mentioned I broke my right hand [I'm right handed] in a bike accident?)

What should I do?!?! :cry:

It's my birthday!

Yay! I'm official 15 years old! :shock:The years really go by fast. :P

I feel like having a birthday party in my new blog! :D

Ratchetbuddy's First Birthday Party!


C'mon in and PARTY!!!

I'm back from my trip! ^_^

Yes, people. Time to load up your air-soft guns because I'm back in GameSpot! :D

I was hanging at my cousin's house playing his Wii. I must say that Wii is a superb console, but it lacks the realistic graphics and the Wii straps were too weak and one nearly pummeled me. -_-
I still want a PS3 over a Wii though. :P

Anyway, I had tons of fun (Not like you people care -_-) and I got to see my cousin and my aunt and uncle. I went to Orlando and rode rides onto my little feet fell off and I went to Miami and did absolutely nothing -_-.

I also got Bully despite my dislike of GTA and I also got KillZone: Liberation. :D
I also got $650 for Christmas from my parents and an additional $250 from my relatives since I'm am one of the most complex people in the world to give a present too. :|
I don't know what to buy yet since not much good stuff is out. Maybe I'll buy a fake ID so I can play M games. :twisted: Or... maybe not. :| It depends.

Happy Holidays, people.


Teh Sadness and Teh Happiness...

Are you people ready for my next bloggy? o_O
That's the spirit! :D

Teh Sadness

My Bleach Union didn't pass because enough people didn't join to be a charter. :cry:

I'm also leaving to Miami tomorrow and I won't be coming back till the 28th! :shock:
I'll miss you guys.

Teh Happiness

I will attempt to start up my union again in a week or so, but I'm wondering if I should keep it as "The Death Gods" or should I make a different union titled, "The Youtube Union".
Please share your tiny little thoughts with me. :wink:

I also got "Gitaroo Man Lives!" and it's one of the BEST PSP games of the year. Truly amazing. :D

That's... about it.



The Charters for my Bleach Union is out! ^_^

I know. It took a while for me to finally form it, but I did it! :D

BTW, the union's name is "The Death Gods". It's pretty stupid, I know, but it was the only thing I could come up with in a 24 second period.

Anyway, if you gots an invite, please join. :D



OMG! Thank god! YES!!!!!!

I FINALLY passed the "death" level! :D:D:D:D

Thanks to all my friends who believed in me. *sniff* I'll never forget to you guys. :D

I'm finally a Recue Ranger! I wonder what that is... :|

Pokemon: Blue Rescue Team + Pokemon: Ranger = level 21? :?


Starting a Union and other facts about my useless life... *sigh* LONG TITLE!

Ratchetbuddy's newest blog:

Um... if you're wondering why I made such a stupid title for this bloggy, then congrats. Have a cookie. No one has ever wondered about my STUPID BLOGGY TITLE!!! :D :cry: (Mixed Feelings)
Um... back on-topic... only there's never a REAL topic on this bloggy... :cry: OMG! Why can't I stop crying? o_O and WHY am I saying bloggy? All good questions to ask another person NOT ME!!! :evil:

You're probably wondering why I was so angry a few sentences ago... >_>
I'm sorry. :(
My previous blog was tons better wasn't it? o_O

Whatever. If you're still reading, I'll tell you what I wanted to tell you, but I was too busy to be telling you the thing that I was suppose to be telling you because I was distracted and ended up not telling you the thing that I want to tell you and the thing that needs to be telled... er... told.

Remember on my last blog when I wrote, "I bother you for another 2 weeks or so"? Well, I'm sorry. :( I couldn't hold in the valuble info of my life that needs to be told to viewers like you...

I'm starting another union! :D
This one's gonna be about Bleach the anime and manga (not many of those) and it's gonna be called, "Shinigami of Soul Society". :D Catchy, eh? I'm gonna pick four charters for this union and if you want to join, please sign in.

Next, my ICO just broke *sigh* and I need a new PS2 game to occupy my time. Any suggestions?

I'm starting to put down my fav animes and songs and other junk for the week out of seer randomness just to tell you.

Top 5 Anime Stuff of the Week

  1. Bleach Episode 100
  2. Bleach Jump Festa 2005
  3. Chobits Episode 1
  4. Naruto 2: The Movie
  5. Hikaru No Go Episode 54

Top 5 Songs of the Week

  1. "Goodbye" by SR-71
  2. "Ok Go on the Trendmills" by Ok Go
  3. "Butterfly" by DDR
  4. "Sandstorm" by DDR
  5. "Candy Unlimited" by DDR

Top 5 Games of the Week

  1. ICO
  2. Gunbound
  3. WTF
  4. Rakion
  5. Okami

And... that's it... >_>
*Eats lollipop*


What's going on? o_O

Hey, peoples. :D

Just makin' a blog to tell you guys (and girls) that I haven't been very active for a while and it's been FOREVER since I made a new stinkin' blog. :P

Anyway, I'm back to being active (sorta...) again. I haven't been incredible active cuz I had FOUR tests for some weeks and I got ICO for the PS2 and Rakion for the PC.

So... yeah. That's pretty much it... >_>
Man. This blog sucks... so um... just post your little comment thingies and I won't bother you for another 2 weeks or so... v_v