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Wow, something new!

You can find out more in this thread. I know most of you don't really swim, if that's the word I'm looking for, through the forums. :P

Doesn't it look awesome?! :o Theres also three more themes I believe.. I also know you can't use IE to download this theme.

Edit: If anyone could tell me how to upload a picture from GIMP I would appreciate it. I've tried countless times trying to upload it..

Level 24, I Fell Asleep!!

Level 24 - I Feel Asleep!! - A well-known line from Metal Gear for the NES. Unclear whether it was a typo (I fell asleep!!) or a mistranslation (I feel sleepy!!).

Another level up... didn't take long. I haven't really noticed, until now. I think I'm... late with this blog, considering that I'm already 14% through this level.

On the side note, I was supposed to get Far Cry 2 yesterday, but due to my lack of pre-ordering games I'm foreced to yet until Wal-Mart or Best Buy get more copies. I can wait though, I got something I occupy me this weekend.

Arcanum... this game is a time killer. I'm getting into PC games now, I think, don't know yet.... if I do I will be getting Fallout 3 for my PC. :o

Yep, but I'll be experimenting with my PC and looking into upgrading it...

So... how's it hanging?

My blogging has been slipping..not because I got noting to blog about I just get side tracked.

Not much going on with me, other than my roommate and myself going at it each day. Its funny how we got to be such close friends in a week. I'm also wanting to get myself anoter job... I thought that know I'm attending college I wont have time for a job. Well, was I wrong! On the weekends, however, I have plenty of time to just goof off and make shadow puppets at night. But thats just me, mabye I'll one day get a part time job or just help out my uncle with his resturaunt he has going on.

Yup, it's up in Groveland, California... boy I wish my town was called that! Groveland.. back on topic.. its not much, just mainly barbeque is qhat youc can get their.

On most weekends, it's just boring! Sometimes, one of my friends will come up with something to do and I'll normally just go with that, as I dont creative bone in my body! :P

Yeah.. that's my life basically, dull and boring..

Another level up. Wahoo?

Level 23 - Super Bagman - An arcade game developed by Stern in 1984, in which you played as an escaped convict collecting bags of money from a mine.

Yep I, once again, have risen through the ranks that is GS level.

The number 23 can be remembered numerous ways.

1) *Looks up*

An arcade game bla bla etc...

2) A number Michael Jordan wore in his glory days. If you dont know who Michael Jordan is than one word... WOW!


There is a movie called the number 23.... starring Jim Carrey.. >__>

I could go on and on but this will suffice. :P

Update... like no one cares!

Things are good here, it seems I should be giving myself a break considering that I haven't had much time to do anything. I will be getting Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway today after I get out of ****.. yay for no ****s on friday!

The one thing that really made me a tad bit frusterated was in my English cla$$we had our first major quiz... and everyone, except for a few people(including me), failed. I made a solid B+ on it, and because our professor was such a softy she let the us all take a make-up test.

Which, I dont know why, but aggrivated me greatly because then I would have to look over some notes I took AGAIN. I got an A on the next test. I probably should be thanking her for letting everyone take it over...what can I say I did better the second time. :P

No studying for me this weekend I'm just going to chill out and play Hell's Highway. :twisted:

Who needs sleep?!

I honestly dont know what I have againstsleep ... but I refuse to let the sandman visit me sometimes. Most nights I stay up late... reason, I have none... should I be concered for my lack of rest?!

An average person my age gets around 7-8 hours of sleep... on the other hand I only get 4-5 hours.

Mabye I should be concered... because this explains some of the symptoms one can get.

Should I let the sandman come for a visit?! He spilled some sand on my floor the other night... I was aggravated because he did not clean up his mess.

Wow... thats interesting.

I figure this is just one of my friends messing with me..

This is making me paranoid... there is a girl in my Algebra cla$$ who just so happens to like me. Yeah.... of all the people in the world.. >__>

I found a note in my book... I'm not going to say whats on the note.... yeah its that funny.

I dont think she wrote that note... I sure I'm being "played/punked" here and I will find out. Or I might just not care about it and continue on...

Can you beat Bolt?

This is a fun game. The fastest I got was 9.46 seconds. Now thats fast right there!!

On the side note, another game I played. I saw it on the OT forums and decided to see how far you guys get. I got to level 21.. then gave up.

MRE (Meal, Ready-to, Eat)

MRE... anyone heard of something like this?

Well, my mom got a bunch of these little individual meals in Baton Rogue... for FREE!! Someone was giving them away and he also told my mother that the Marines, Navy, etc... uses them. The selection of food is not bad at all.

I saw some rib meals, chicken noodle soup with veggies, and a Meatball sub with veggies... basically a ton of options.

I know about this cause I just so happen to visit my parents last week... wishing my dad a late happy Father's Day. I also got some of these meals (8 to be exact).

Good deal eh??