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A revealation in gaming.

Tonight me and a friend were talking about gaming in general, and I'd like to share some thoughts on how 2 yeasr plus for the 360, and a year plus for Sony and Nintendo, my thoughts have completely changed about the consoles, and my feelings in general as to what console I prefer.

The 360 started out great, but looking back it really doesnt get the negative attention it deserves. Hardware and disc drive failures still run rampant even with the new chips. Games like PGR 4 were scaled back due to disc space, and Microsofts inability to garner any new IP's are going to hurt it. Buying exclusive rights to PS2 franchises while the PS3 makes completey new IP's is going to hurt MS. They have no idea really what gaming is suppose to be about.

The 360 is a great consoel no doubt. But lets break it down shall we. MS says they are all about choice....what choice? You have to buy there proprietary hardware to make it work. The HDD's are way over priced, as is the headsets, and other peripherals, and why must everything be proprietary in the first place? The pricing for the SKU's is very bad as well. for 449.99 you get the 360 Elite, with 120gb HDD, HDMI, and an ethernet port for networking.....thats it. For 499.99 you get a PS3 with 80gb, built in wifi and ethernet port, built in card readers, and the format that IS going to win Blu-Ray. The PS3 isnt future proofed as in we can upgrade the hardware, its the disc space that matters, and just look at all the features you get for a mere 50.00 more! The 360 SKU's are really horribly priced looking at it realistically.

Look at what compression does to games. 90% of the time 360 exclusives and multiplats need patches and in turn the PS3 multiplats need them to, just because, seemingly the 360 due to compression, and disc space has trouble running these games, which in turn hurts the PS3. look at PS3 Exclusives..NONE (to my knowledge) except Resistance need any patches, because Sony doesnt rush devs, and also has the space to give the games room to breath. Those saying disc space isnt an issue is wrong. look at Mass Effect. I LOVE that game, but it has BAD texture loading issues, and some frame rate issues when played for long periods of time, as most 360 games do. I have NEVER had a PS3 game freeze up on me except Assasins creed, which a patch is coming, and its a multiplat that was designed to run on the 360, so wat do you expect?

I have to be honest, I play my 360 more, just because of games like Bioshock, and Mass Effect. But I have been playing my online games on the PS3, because its better period. Heres what we pay for live for right now, Private chat, PLAYING online, getting demos and content a week earlier, and a dedicated friends list. LIVE is not dedicated servers that are MS run which we now know it is all peer to peer, with the exception of EA and maybe UBI-soft etc. LIVE is laggy on MOST games. Gears, Crackdown, Smackdown, rainbow 6 an a lot of others, unless you are the host then you get host advantage.

The PSN has no movies or private chat but Movies and IP TV are coming as is in game XMB, and custom sound tracks. HOME which is a FREE program is going to self intergrate itself in to games and give us our private chat and dedicated friends list. here is the Kicker, Sony for most its games ACTUALLY uses dedicated servers like resistance for instance: that game is 40 player absoluitely LAG FREE completely, like your playing the single player campaigne. War hawk has Dedicated servers that run LAG free. Even the Peer to peer stuff runs SO much better than LIVE I know this from experience. Even mulitplats are starting to perform and look better on the PS3. CoD4, burnout Paradise, Oblivion, just to name a few, so WHY are we still paying for LIVE?

360 fanboys dont get that Sony is going to have EVERYTHING LIVE has for free, on dedicated servers, and never charge for anything but DLC. LIVE is ok, but I dont know ANYONE that has LIVE that ever runs lag free. Gears is ALwyas laggy unless your the host with 8 players......yet resistance runs 40 LAg free? look at Halo 3, a graphically inferior game to Resistance, MS flagship game, has frame rate issues single player wise plus lag why are we paying for LIVE again?

In all Honesty I play my 360 more simply for Mass Effect but now that EA owns it and they are hinting at bringing it to the PS3, Id gladly buy it for the PS3. As well as Bioshock being hinted at coming to the PS3, Id have no reason to play my 360 at all. The PSN is such a better service and once it has all of LIVE's perks plus, MS will be in trouble. And there coming soon. This isnt a hate 360 rant more of an informational on how my out look has changed on the systems. Sony has such a better value for the console, while the 360 in retrospect is way overpriced for what you get. The PSN just runs games so much more beautifully than LIVE its pathetic. Resistance 2 to will be 60 players lag free......MS cant push past 16? What the heck is that all about? they could if they wanted to, but they dont. Everything is getting better on the PS3 and if you look most multiplats that perform bad online for the PS3 also do for the 360. the 360 is limiting gaming as a whole, with charging for LIVE when Sony is putting out a better online service for free.

Lets look at unreal tournament 3. For the PS3 you get a game visually better than gears, NO lag or frame rate issues, plus you can use PC mods for free thanks to the open network. LIVE is locked, which means content will have to be charged for, and user mods cant be used, Epic will have to make them, and of course MS will charge for them, and that is sad.

At the end of the day just compare the 2. This is not a fan boy statement, Im telling you that the PSN runs circles around LIVE in terms of LAG, and performance. Multiplats are finally starting to look and play better on the PS3, Burnout Paradise creators just recently released a statement saying that the 360 GPU being more powerful than the PS3 GPU is pure myth, and that combined with Cell blows the 360 away, which is why Paradise looks and plays better on the PS3. MS did not futuire proof there console at all. Disc space is showing its ugly head, GTA 4 is a clear case for this. R* wanted HDD to be manditory for every 360 and MS said no...whcihc means ALL versions suffer because of the 360. It could have been So much more being a Sony exclusive, but not now.

I will play my 360 as long as it has games I want and right now the only game I want for it is fable 2. Mercs 2, FF13, MGS 4, and tons of other will be bought for PS3, because of the better online service, or the fact they are excluisive even if just for a year to the PS3. I like my 360 but I'm starting to realize its not built very well for the long haul. I wouldnt be surprised if a new MS console was out bu late next year. MS has lost sight of there goal and only wish to destroy SONY, they have forgotten about the games, and only wish to rush out a product thats half baked, needs patches, is laggy online, and just in general poor. You may think this fanboyish but its not, its just truth plain and simple.

I like both consoles but the 360 is looking to be such a horrid value now days, and the PS3 is starting to out pace it in sales every week. When the PSN gets all its perks, and all the exclusives start pouring out what will MS do? they have No new IP's coming at all, and SOny's line up of exclusives is far bigger and better this year and next. How can you not love it honestly? As I said I will play my 360 until that day comes that there are to few exclusives and in general good games, then I will be Sony only. I only hope and pray that MS puts up a fight, improves LIVE, and makes it free, and actually starts thinking of games for once and not about how to out do Sony. Tetxure loading issues, and other things that plauge 360 games should not be making it past Q and A...Its unexcusable LIVE is 50.00 a year for peer to peer that suffers lag, when the PSN runs smooth as a whistle most of the time.

just my thoughts though. I feel very soon if Sony starts picking up more franchises I like, they will be my only console maker of choice this gen. Im not paying for LIVE any more. 360 will be for DLC and single player stuff most online games will be bought on the PS3.

Went to do a review.....

GAMESPOT SAID THEY WEREN"T CHANGING THE FORMAT FOR REVIEWS FOR PLAYER REVIEWS.......WTF THEY COMPLETELY CHANGED IT! Lame I refuse to work with this rubbish! I hate gamespot. I'm gonna go play some game before it gets out of hand.I may sabotage Gamespot if I dont:P (Bust's out rockband and plays Sabotage)

Hey....totally off topic from gaming.....

What is up with this whole Emo thing.....I'm 26 and for the life of me I cant figure it out. And now there is different stages, and classes of Emo? Like modern emo?.....and the greatest is 80-'s emo.....EMO WASNT EVEN A WORD IN THE 80's!.......Even the punk and gothic kids in the 80's (which are about as close to emo as you could get back then) didnt slit there wrists and cry all day, and cut them selves, play guitar and pop pills.....seriously.. first we have to put up with this whole hip hop pop, revolution (which I'm sorry it isnt music at all....Sorry timberlake you suck) and now its the Emo generation...seriously, just take prozac, or lithium and become productive mebers of society.

I just dont get what happened to America. Rock is no longer Rock, Hardcore rap, is anything but Hardcore, Cake eating pixies rule the music genre's and children slit there wrist, dye there hair black, have relations with the same sex......holy S### I just described the 60's LOL How history repeats it self XO...really though, do home land security a favor, and shoot an Emo.....not like they are elusive or anything!


I'm just gonna say it. I like Jeff Gertsmann. I go to (dont think its spelled right but firefox wont let me copy:() to check his blog. I think the guy is funny and was a great personality. His opinions on the games he reviewed are just that..OPINIONS, so get over it.

There are only a few of his reviews that i didnt agree with and a few of his last had him liking the game but because of Gamespots now f'd up review system he had to give it .5 lower than he probably wanted to which in the end over all the game scores would have been much higher with the old sytem. It wasnt Gertsmann fault. I think the dude is funny as hell......and I hope this stuff about Navarro leaving is true as well, he deserves better than this low rank website full of ass and latex:O

Seriously so what if Gertsmann favors the 360....I'm sure plenty of reviewers favor the other consoles to especially the Wii. Thats like crying foul because an announcer at Qwest stadium favors the Seattle Seahawks......of course he does, it may be his local team, he may be from seattle or the surrounding area, and is going to be biased probably just a Wii bit lol....Wii...Wee...same thing lol. Thats not necissarily true but its just an example.

There is Bias, and with out it there would be nothing for us fan boys to b#### about seriously. I look at it like of my best friends who I met through gamespot, loves the PS3, and hates gertsmann.....I love the 360, and like Gertsmann....were both bias to what we like.....that doesnt mean we aren't still best friends...its Opinion...its like the old saying goes Opinions are like A## holes, every body has one.

I seriously just get tired of all the whining about Gertsmann to tell you the truth, I know most of the users here are pedofiles or children who drool and cant wipe there A$$ or change there feeding tubes...but seriously........actually just go back to playing Halo 3, you wouldnt understand my point any way lol. Oh and to my friends who play Halo 3....sorry:(

Guitar Hero III.......

Is now a must buy. With Metallica joining the song list it must be mine:D I will buy anything that will give me a chance to play there songs. Im hoping for such great songs as: Master of Puppets, One, Creeping Death, The Call of Cathulu (instrumental), Orion (instrumental), And Justice for all....., The four Horse men, and too many other to list. I hope that DLC includes all of there songs cause Ill buy every ****ing one of them LMAO FTW!

Damn that is so cool that Metaliica songs are gonna be in GHIII, I cant wait:D

Got an Elite.......

.......dont really know what to think. I was planning on just being a PS3 gamer this gen....but Im running it through the mill right now with a barrage of gaming and multitasking. Not a freeze yet, I expcted one...hell I never had one run 4 hours straight with out at least a freeze.....Still though Im not pleased with MS at this moment, so really if its dead by the end of tonight, I wont be surprised, maybe even relieved.

I finally did it.............

I finally sold my 360 with out regret. After The Peter moore thing and R* stating that they are basically abandoning Sony content wise, and ALL the hardware failures (just got my new one back 3 days ago and its already dead), I finally sold it, cancelled LIVE, and packed it up ready to go to some one else tomorrow. Im actually happy I got rid of the piece of ****! LOL

I just cant support them any more, yay its finally gonna be gone *does back flip* I cant wait to play games on a console that doesnt break down:D!


How is it that my newest console with all the hardware upgrades is already givig me trouble? I dont get it:( No time for tirades though, as Ill play it till it gives me lights...FTW!:(!

Thanks MS you guys are great:(

ZOMG!...This rocks!

GOnna make it shoprt and sweet. Got my 360 back today, and it runs near soundless, and much MUCH cooler...thanks MS. PLUS customer service called me every time a step was taken like when they recieved etc. MOST awesome experience ever. Well back to agming:D

Ok ok ok......

So I went back on my word...I now (once again) own 2 out of 3 next-gen systems....Yea Im still pretty upset about the whole 360 thing but it makes me feel better now that MS actually relizes there is a problem and Sony seems to be kicking it up a notch. There are a ton of games Im looking forward to for both systems and even Godzilla unleashed for the Wii, I just hope that Sony keeps momentum in getting great exclusives again, MS fixes there hardware and nintendo just needs to give me something other than Godzilla lol