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star hawk vs call of duty

so i was wondering to myself which game series is better star hawk which is related to war hawk or call of duty in my opinion i think the call of duty has lost it touche for gameplay for online the campaigine modes are good but the online is getting very boring but for star hawk like the online play i could not but my controller down at all so i just want know what you guys think and comment opinion :)

PSN add

hey guys and girls here is my psn id so u can add me okay RandyCameron i hope to play with u all soon

What Do you think about DMC remake ?

today i was looking at the new dmc game and people thinks its a another Prequel but its not its a remake new game and new story line like the kid looks like a emo kid that daddy use to beat him and hey goes crazy like come on like the old ps2 game dante was way better looked like a bad ass and a smart ass joker guy who we liked and now they made this guy dont get me wrong the game play probably will look good but they will ruin the story line that all fans will love i think if they wanted to make a another dmc game they should of made another prequel but make 3 games about his father sparda and call it Devil May Cry The Origins Of Sparda that would be amazing knowing what his dad look like how he became to be and how he died so tell me what you think of what i said and your own opinion of the DMC remake thanks guys RZC88