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Racing fans answer this please...

OK im looking for a new racing game for PS3 i already have MCLA and i think they finally took the severs down for online racing so...i seen Grand Turismo 5, looked at gameplay online looks great but it also gets criticism so is it worth buying? i'm thinking of buying the XL version BTW on sale for 40 bucks is it worth it? if not what is? i was also considering buying Sega Rally Online for the arcade racing feel but does anyone play it online at all?

Modern Warfare 2??

i was going to get this game so i looked at reviews and some said it was good,some say its wayyy to overated is it a good game??(on PS3?)

new nintendo ds!

yes there will be a new ds called dsi,it'll have 2 cameras i 'm not sure why maybe to do like a hyper cam and record gameplay to send to youtube or here,it will even bigger screens on it too and a ds slot! to play music or videos so far i know it's going to japan in november of the 1st

games that should be made part 2 wii

naruto rpg collection:a cool collection of the naruto rpg series including the ds ones too you may also be able to play naruto rpg 3 online against ds and wii owners (wi-fi)

mario hoops 5-on-5:a sequel to the ds hit now up to 5 players may play at a time with sega nintendo capcom square namco and tomy characters(wi-fi)

Naruto Shippuden: gekitou ninja taisen EX(usa and europe) samw as japanese version with a few extras such as japanese voices and rpg mode

SOUL CALIBER BROKEN BLADE:a wii and ds only with inuyasha and bleach characters plus you can make an emblwm for online play(wi-fi)

games that should be made part 1 ds


Naruto:gekitou ninja taisen!portable-should be like part 4 with around 25-30 characters & 20 -25 places to fight

Dragon ball Z: SHIN tenkaichi-like part 3(boudikai-tenkaichi)touch screen will let you change fight styles (wi-fi)

Street fighter 2:turbo mini-every one and every type of them are on here plus from part 3 you can do alpha!! (wi-fi)

Mario hoops 3-on-3:true balla-like the original but will have SEGA players also,and a true balla mode