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DIRT 3 Review

I have really been enjoying Dirt 3 the video game. I have been playing it on my windows machine, and have enjoyed the rally experience. Races are interesting, and the stages are full of detail. My only qualm with the game, is casual mode. The fix is simple enough, don't use it, because when you do, the game drives for you in nearly ever way. It brakes, helps turn, and reduces spin out to a zero percent chance.

All that aside, the innovative youtube upload feature is really cool. I like this part a lot. The thing I don't like, is how it only uploads the video in 480P, is incredibly slow to do so even with a fast internet connection, and is limited to a 30 second clip. I know factually I can upload a 30 second 1080P raw video clip in half the time from my DSLR to youtube. This is ultimately a very small gripe considering the game has been very stable and mostly works. This is huge considering their Dirt 2 game had no end of problems on the Windows platform, making it really a console only game.

All that being said, for a driving experience that caters more to fun arcade racing like Need for speed, except in an off road setting, play Dirt 3!