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TGS Puzzle Activity

I finally managed to find all the puzzle peices and essembling them.

Here it is :

It was kinda hard to assemble them but I managed to do so.

Cant wait for CALL OF DUTY MW3!!!

So as the previous game (COD MW2) made me so addicted to it, that now I cant even wait for the this oneto come out. Since Im an online gamer so I want this game only to play Multiplayer :P.

This is going to be one of the best game of 2011!

DIRT 3 Review

I have really been enjoying Dirt 3 the video game. I have been playing it on my windows machine, and have enjoyed the rally experience. Races are interesting, and the stages are full of detail. My only qualm with the game, is casual mode. The fix is simple enough, don't use it, because when you do, the game drives for you in nearly ever way. It brakes, helps turn, and reduces spin out to a zero percent chance.

All that aside, the innovative youtube upload feature is really cool. I like this part a lot. The thing I don't like, is how it only uploads the video in 480P, is incredibly slow to do so even with a fast internet connection, and is limited to a 30 second clip. I know factually I can upload a 30 second 1080P raw video clip in half the time from my DSLR to youtube. This is ultimately a very small gripe considering the game has been very stable and mostly works. This is huge considering their Dirt 2 game had no end of problems on the Windows platform, making it really a console only game.

All that being said, for a driving experience that caters more to fun arcade racing like Need for speed, except in an off road setting, play Dirt 3!

Guess whose back!!!!!!

Guys I'm back againto gamespot after a long time.

Too bad I missed e3 :( and most off allI cant get the emblems and other stuff lol.

Well now am back here, really missed gamespot andyou guys.

Dead Space 2

I have Recently been following the Progression of the up coming title "Dead Space 2″ this was one of the most epic and legendary horror games of 2008, Now Isaac is back in Dead space 2, what horror and gruesome Monster will he be facing now , will it be able to deliver the shocking thriller moments that dead space has brought to us. With a new dead space bring a new game mode, Online Multiplayer system For Dead Space 2 The Online Multiplayer Brings a four on four online battle between the human's and the necromorph's each with special abilities and attributes bringing a different type of soldier or monster into the game making it a worthy online gaming experience in Dead space 2 for the first time. Category: Gaming, Horror, PC, PlayStation 3, Sci-Fi


Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines on PSP is the first Assassin's Creed game on the PSP.

General Features - Dynamic Locomotion -- Like the next-gen SKUs, Altair on the PSP reacts to the terrain fluidly, diving through holes and climbing ledges with only the creative application of the Free Run button. - Tremendous Visuals -- Altair and his environments are beautifully rendered to maximize the PSP's visual capabilities. - PS3 Connectivity -- Collect Templar Coins and Treasures on the PSP, connect to your PS3, and share value across both SKUs. Additionally, as players unlock Health and Weapons upgrades in Assassin's Creed 2 PS3, the same upgrade will be unlocked in Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines PSP

it's one of mymostanticipated game of this yearassassin's creed

hope everyone enjoy:D

What's your favourite GAMING CONSOLE

Hey guys!In this topic i want to knonw about your favourite gaming consoles

here are the ratings what i think probably on top five

1.XBOX 360





these are the ratings what i think:)

tell me what do you think

fell free to commentgaming consloes

Back to Gamespot !


Hey guys! im back to GS well u must be wondering were i had been all this time. Well its simple i was busy insome important tests in the high school oh well its good to be back withu guys again

What do you think about psp go?


What do you think about psp go? In my opinion psp go is not that good as psp2000 or psp3000 because psp go can not play umds. It can only play downloadable games and it is so small that it is hard to play games on it.but on the otherside it has good features like it has internal hard drive of 16gigs and it has bluetooth in it.In my opnion psp2000 or 3000 is the best instead of psp go.

Call of duty 4


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