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RGM_89_Jegan Blog

Level 12 and back to school.

Well I hit Lv 12 today.

I also went back to school today and it was pretty boring to say the least. All they did was tell everyone the rules that everyone already knows and hand out papers to be filled out and I already got 2 textbooks. Also I got stuck with 2 classes that I didn't even want. I got Chemistry 1 when I already got all my science credits and I also got a computer class with a teacher I just hate. I can change them but I might think it over cause I got some friends in those classes and I wouldn't even know what classes to go to. And a funny thing today, when I went to 5th block, the teacher told us the sleeping through class would not help us learn and while she was going over the class syllabus, I fell asleep right in front of her. Let's just say that going to sleep the whole summer at 6am takes its toll on you when school starts. I also used up my first warning for doing that too.

Got another game

I just recently bought Xenosaga Episode II. Now I have 2 RPGs and 1 strategy game to keep me busy during the remaining days till school and the first few weeks into the school year. I also leave Miami tomorrow and head home. Great games but they were bought at the wrong time. (I dread next Monday)

Miami Update

So far I haven't done anything real speacial down here. I got here yesterday and we went out to eat sushi. I had spicy squid and spicy octopus which was really good.

Also, about school starting up in 2-3 weeks, I was way off. School starts back up in about a week, on August 8th to be exact. I hate school. I was going to use those few weeks that I thought I had to rest up. Seems I only have like 4 days (should be getting back by this Thursday) but then again, I still haven't done any school I have more than likely 2 1/2 days of rest at the most.

Going to Miami

I'll be going to Miami this weekend and will probably end up staying there for a week. I know it's going to be boring there so I might take one of my systems....

Anyways, I'll be back in about a week and hopefully with some new games. (Planning on picking up Xenogears, Xenosaga II and Star Ocean 3) (Also I'm looking for Valkyrie Profile but it's $120 & up even for a used copy :( )

Also what sucks is school will be starting back up in the next couple of weeks (2 or 3) and I won't be spending as much time on the boards. I'm tired of school... just 2 more years....

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

Well I finally got this game 2 days ago and beat it today. An excellent game, great story, superb voice acting and top notch graphics but it seemed too short. Developers really need to make their games longer. I'll end up playing through it again though because there were some missions I passed up and I missed some smokes. Once again, the game was excellent. Now if only more movie-game tie ins were this good....

Figured out how I'm going to get my Xbox 360

Well now I won't have to save up for the system itself, just the games and any accessories, because my mom said she would buy it for me if I do everything she tells me to up until its release sometime in November. It's actually easier than it sounds because I'm pretty sure my older brother moved out for the time being so it won't be that hard to keep the house clean and the only other thing to do is mow the lawn and take out and feed the dogs. So now I have to put aside a game's fund.

I also need to renew my subscription to PSM.

Beat Ninja Gaiden and got my new OXM

Finally beat Ninja Gaiden today. (Just a few minutes ago) I probably would have beaten it sooner but have been playing it sparingly. I might even go back a play again because I think I missed 4 golden scarabs and might even play it on hard mode though. I also still need to unlock the original Ninja Gaidens so I know I gotta replay it.

Also got the new OXM with the Project Gotham Racing 3 cover story. The demo disc doesn't seem like much this time around because the main demo on it is Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and I don't have Xbox Live so it doesn't appeal to me. I also am not interested in either of the other 2 demos (Darkwatch and Sid Meier's Pirates) so the only thing I really got out of the demo was the Xbox 360 vids. Other than that, they had E3 coverage and I saw a bunch of games I plan on getting for 360. To name a few: Dead or Alive 4, Ninety-Nine Nights, Blue Dragon, Ghost Recon 3, Possession, The Darkness, Full Auto, Huxley and Lost Odyssey. There are also a handful left for me to get on the current system too: Stargate SG-1 (FINALLY!!), Ninja Gaiden Black and Indigo Prophecy.


I got my new PSM today. Reading it right now and for an 100th issue, it seems lacking. It has the same amount of pages as a regular issue and there really weren't any special features besides the usual E3 coverage (which was a bunch of screenshots and name titles with only a few paragraphs on choice games) and info on the PS3 and some of its games. Also, True Crimes 2 as the months cover game was a bad choice in my opinion. For the 100th issue, I would have expected a better and more anticipated game, say Kingdom Hearts II or Black (which they had alot of info on). The True Crimes 2 preview took up 8 pages that I won't even read. Once again, this issue is somewhat of a disappointment.
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