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Signature Show Case

I now have photoshop on this laptop so I thought I would share some of the stuff I have been creating over the past few days. Some of them are new and some of them are re-vamps of my old work. I will add more once I have done them. Feel free to comment and enjoy!





To the Rescue

Well I have leveled to 21! However there is a slight prick of bitterness in this. I find Gamespot is not busteling as it used to be in the good ole' days, or am I missing something? Maybe I am missing the sharp void which used to be my officer positions, snatched away from me in my unfortunate luck of computer failure...*sigh*

A New Day

Why hello faithful friends of the beloved Gamespot. My time has been a void ever since I left for my job. Actually it was just a summer just and I tried to get back to Gamespot after a week just to figure out that my computer had crashed into pulverization once again. I am incredibly sad to say that I have been without the aid of a computer ever since until I have gotten this laptop of mine. So without further ado, let's go Rikku!

I am back!

My computer had complely crashed after some time of playing WoW. I am back now though with a new computer and WoW playing minimalized lol.

World of Warcraft

I have started playing World of Warcraft and just can't put it down. This might mean that I may not be around for awhile so till then I suppose.

Metal Slime

I have finally reached level 20 metal slime! I hope I go up levels faster. And on an even better note, I have now reached 5000 posts! Yes! I am half way to my goal! I just hope I can always find stuff to post on since Gamespot has kinda went down in activity it seems the past year. Maybe in the summer it will pick up a bit.

Well That Fits

I am now level 19 Gitaroo Man! Rock on! This fits me well for I play the guitar a couple times in my band, mainly play drums though. I am really trying to work on my post count right now so I can get it past 10000. Still got a long way to go though. I have now reached 100 friends and 98% of them have been requests! Keep them coming I will gladly accept. And some more comments would be lovely.

Taste is Good

I have finally got a new emblem! I have good tastes! ALRIGHT! Hehe this is awsome. And I am now level 18 Flicky...(skipped a level). Hope it stays this way. Anyway, I am really busy. Haven't had much time to make sigs so if you requested one the just hold on and I will make it really soon.

Loads of Games

My brother just came home from college and brought a whole bunch of games with him! I mean wow! I don't know where he got the money to get so many but he sure did. It doesn't beat my collection but thanks to him my collection has grown! :D He only has a PS2 though. I wish he owned a Gamecube and bought some games for that but his tastes and mine differ a little bit. I usually use my Gamecube for Resident Evil gaming. On another note, I have won my first sig battle! GO ME! Good job to Gmex though.

A Year at Spot

It has officially been a year since I have joined Gamespot. I am level 16 with 4000+ posts and officer of 4 Unions, leader of 1. Techniquely I should be alot higher because when I joined I didnt look at my email untill summer. Then I took a 6 month absense for some reason I dont know. I dont think that will ever happen again lol. Well I hope to grow levels fast and keep the gaming goin!
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