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PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One

I saw an article here about how Microsoft may spinoff its Xbox brand and i just thought that id share my thoughts about it. I guess that you are wondering how this relates to PS4 VS X1? Well, since MS wants to spinoff the Xbox brand, there can only be two reasons why they would do that:

1. More money.

2. The Xbox brand is not being profitable enough.

I think its the latter and i know that many people would be extremely happy to confirm that and they are to some extent right to be so, after all MS tried to screw over gamers with X1's initial policies. That's ok. What bugs me is that they want MS to fail and Sony to triumph. And that's not good.

I just have a question for everybody on this site: do you really think that Sony gives a single shit about making gamers happy? About listening to us? Nope, they don't! They are in this just for the money. And while this should come of as natural to every gamer, most of us think that Sony is the good guy. Well Sony isn't. They just know that a satisfied customer = profit, a dissatisfied customer = loss. MS on the other hand, i think they tried a aggressive, very aggressive approach by not thinking about all the backslash they would get. Well, it went bad. Very bad. X1's reputation got hurt a lot. And that's not good because i guess that this will give Sony the edge.

I just hope that the Xbox One will be very successful even though not as successful as the PlayStation 4 because if it doesn't it will create financial troubles for MS and if that happens they may just give up on the Xbox brand. And if that happens, Sony will have no competitor. Just imagine, what would Sony do if they have no competitor? They will obviously care less if they don't satisfy costumers because they will know that their costumers won't have any other choice but to buy Sony's stuff.. And if that happens, you will start seeing always online PS systems, something similar to Kinect and other very nasty stuff. And guess what will be worse, you won't be able to do anything about it! Because there won't be another actual choice! (i don't see Nintendo as a very serious competitor, at least not for consoles, only for handhelds)

So, if i was you i wouldn't wish the X1 to fail. I wouldn't wish any system to fail actually. I want them all to perform exceptionally well so there can be competition and so that things can remain fresh and not monopolized. :)

The above is my opinion on this situation, the X1 VS PS4 or better MS VS Sony,