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Need help my PSNs been stolen i dont know how and these sony noobs arent helping at all i just spent 15 minutes on the phone waiting for them WTH can someone give me a new account or help me here?!

Need Help!!

My PSNS been hacked and if anyone has got a spare with BO data that they could give to me that would be awesome!

PS3 Gameshare

I got Little big planet, Infamous, Sonic the hedgehog 2, and COD First strike
My PSN is PSDude6
I basically want full, awesome expensive games like sonic or crash bandicoot or GOW or Assasins creed
I also want the Hardened COD Maps from WAW and Escalation
I go first or no deal scammers!!

Please tell me if u have something awesome to Gameshare


I'm back with Black ops add me in the comment section below!

By the way, I'm thinking of getting pokemon white cause im bored playing Cod all the time but i need to know how long it takes to beat the game (is it easy?), plus the pokemon look like emo clown f*gs.

Plus anyone want to play nazi zombies with me?

My PSN is PSDude6 add me and we can own zombies!

PS3 Black ops

Hey i got Black ops a while back and here is my PSN for anyone willing to verse me. It's PSDude6. By the way, I'm trying to get WAW zombie maps in black ops, although i dont have the hardened edition. Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to get those old maps from COD WAW. If anyone knows how that would be awesome. Does anyone have the codes for the World at war zombie maps on Black Ops, that you get from the hardened and prestige edition? Cause then maybe thats a way to get it. I'd be seriously thankful if someone helps me out. Thanks :D

Oh and Check out my youtube channel


Subscribe to my youtube channel!!!

LOL yeah i know that i said i would leave yesterday but i need some help. I just got youtube and i was wondering if anyone on here would subscribe or add me as a friend. heres a link

I'm leaving and i'm telling the truth this time

I'm telling the truth. Theres just nothing to do on here anymore and the only mail i get is crap about union tournaments and be active and stuff. Theres just nothing to do on here anymore!! I'm not leaving forever. I'll still keep my account and once in a while, i'll check it out and see my mail but otherwise i should just leave for sure. I already got facebook, youtube, flipnote hatena, and msn. i'll be back when theres something to do. Like when a new game comes out or something.

So thats that i guess. oh and does anyone know when sonic 4 comes out?