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RE-fanatic Blog

Recommendations Anyone?

Hello anyone who actually bothered to read this blog :P. I was just wondering what other PS3 titles I should look into or get. I already have 4 games and I plan on getting more. I was looking through GS for some, but decided not to trust and/or go by the reviews of the games. So if you have some title list for me I would be greatly honored. :D Thank you and have a nice day.

It's Been Awhile

Holy Crap!!! I didn't even realize how long it's been since I've been on this site. Well I was tucked away in the dark crevices of the underground(aka my room) doing some possible soul searching about my I really want to do with my life. Anyway on top of that, still out of a job and being bored out of my mind. I do however finally have a PS3 and beaten RE5, and yeah DMC4 is kicking my ass a bit. Assassin's Creed sucks big time, and will be returned to the shelf at the game store. Lost Planet is really good as well, and Uncharted will soon be on my playlist. I also just bought Sonic unleashed and will try that out as well. Other than that nothing really special except that I celebrated my 21st birthday last month. Though to be honest this site feels empty now that some of my main friends are gone. I was thinking about leaving as well, but have decided to stay because I have to learn how to be able to go my own way and not follow everyone all the time.

Busy Busy Busy!!!!

Hello again feels like I haven't been here in ages. Just dropped in to hello and that I have super busy these past few weeks. I had an interview like 2 Fridays ago and is hoping and praying that I get the job)cause I need it!!!!). It seemed to go well IMO and I was a bit nervous,but suddenly overcame the obstacle. On another note, I've also been busy helping my mom remodel the house and trying to get my life in the direction that I wanted....cause i have no life, just my games and animes(though it's time that I matured a bit since I'll be 21 in two more months :roll: ). So while I wait to hear news on whether or not I got the job, I'll be playing the Sonic Mega Collection non-stop until then(so addictive). Before I go I just like to say GS you took a long time giving me my emblem(which unfortunately was Microsoft"s) Next year I will have all 3 emblems of the next E3(decided to watch the rest on tv). Go Sony!!!!!

My views on Microsoft's E3

Hello all, I'm here today to place my views on Microsoft's E3 conference. While watching it I said to myself...yeah it had some interesting new and promising titles. FF13 looks pretty sweet as well as Splinter Cell Convictions. Although when Hideo Kojima came out on stage...I was wondering..."What's he doing here? Is he promoting a new game franchise ?" But to my dismay he drop the bomb and announced that a new MGS game will be released exclusively to the 360. My thoughts.....WTF!!!!! I can't believe that the 360 got a new MGS game...and it's only for that. I was pissed beyond imagination. Metal Gear has always been a great hit for Sony and to have the franchise defect to the competition like that is shocking. Though other that than Microsoft's presentation wasn't all that to get hyped up about. I'm for Sony all the way and hope that Sony's will be even more better than Microsoft's (cause I think they're trying to hard to impress). 360 has never been that amazing to me and never will. That's all I have to say, and if any Microsoft fans try to flame me don't bother with it .:roll:

Join The Resident Evil Veterans

:D Hello everyone, I'm glad to say that after 3 days of pinned-up anger and sadness and the crave of wanting to punch a certain someone in the face and rip his certain body part and shove it down his throat. I have finally recoved thanks to Mother's Day. Anyway that's not what I wanted to talk about. I just want die-hard RE fans to know that a new union is up and running. It's called The Resident Evil Veterans it's a place where you can eat, sleep, and breathe RE. Especially those who love the older games, so if you have the time go and check it out. 8) Aidios!!!

Feeling Depressed Again

:( *Sigh* Not feeling in the best of moods today, so I'll just use this poem to display my feelings....

msbdfg.jpg lonely, sad image by sexpuppet27

The Loner

© By Kayla N. Mynatt

The loner, who quivers and shakes
The one whose heart is always at quake.

The loner, who wants to die
The one who stays up only to cry.

The loner, who is always disturbed
The one who nobody heard.

The loner, who didn't know what to do
The one who nobody knew.

The loner, who kept everything inside
The one who had everything to hide.

The loner, who nobody cared for
The one who slowly hit the floor.

The loner, whose eyes always fled
The one whose wrist always bled.

The loner, who you never seemed to see
The one who turns out to be me.

Serious Issue

*Sigh* There seems to be a huge problem going on with my IM. Someone hacked my IM and is sending everyone terrible messages with inappropriate videos. For those of you who have recieved messages from , DO NOT REPLY TO THOSE MESSAGES!!!! I always use a trademark color with my IM system. I will be getting rid of my old e-mail address to stop this person from ruining my e-mail. Once I'm done making a new one, I will give it those who have my old one. Sorry for the trouble! ("DAMN HACKERS!!!!:evil: )

Thoughts I need to get off my mind

I have been irritated for the past 3 weeks now and the reason is because of a few things. The first thing thing is RE5. I'm hearing a lot of rant of how it wasn't living up to the hype that it had portrayed. As a matter of fact I'm quite disappointed with Capcom of the way they strayed from the survival-horror genre and went to more of an action-shooter based game. The whole control sceme was worth it back in '05, but now it's pretty much useless in this type of gaming world. They should have a dodge button(like RE3) instead of pressing buttons in a time frame. I thought about this and said in my mind that the RE series will probrably never be the same again(meaning no zombies,tyrants,etc.) It doesn't seem scary to me, they shouldv'e kept the zombies it would've made a huge difference in suspense, and paranoia levels would be through the roof. So I have decided that until Capcom dumps the parasite crap and bring back the viruses, I will never play another new RE game again. Now the other thing that has been irritating me more than that is the Dragon Ball movie coming out. That is going to be the worse anime based movie ever! I saw the the preview, and I said that this movie will suck to high heaven. There are just so many things wrong with that movie. For one Goku never went to high school(only Gohan and Goten), The guy playing Goku doesn't even seem like a Goku type of character, more like Gohan. It just seem like Hollywood is really trying to piss off alot of DBZ fans and anime fans combined. I know I'm both of those and I rather watch a damn Pokemon movie than to watch that crap! Hollywood seriously needs to layoff the anime and game based movies, cause they suck!:evil: