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Hoy everyone I'm back. Did you miss me?

So yeah it's been years since I actually been in Gamespot but I decided to come hopefully this time for longer time.

To update to what have been doing of late gaming wise I actually started my solo Let's Play of Ratchet & Clank

Let's Play Ratchet & Clank playlist

I'm still working on the playthrough on GPTComms that for those who don't know it's the commentary group that I created with nsoliveira.

Right now we are still doing Ratchet & Clank 2 and Sly 2 Band of Thieves. We are also uploading Phoenix Wright Justice for All Marathon that I guess you can call it co-op Let's Play.

GPTComms Channel

Anyways that's all for this blog hopefully I will try to update the blog weekly.


Games updates

Ok so in this last few months i been playing Phoenix Wright and I love them i'm so gonna do a review on them when i do the review that said i would

Ok haven't gotten much games lataly for my ps2 but this are some games that i want to get for it:

Secrect Agent Clank - it's the only ps2 Ratchet & Clank games that i don't have yet and already played few parts and i like the game.

Naruto UN4- I like UN games and i love this one when played against ns when go to his house

Jak and Daxter the Lost Frontier: same has ratchet games and i want to check the gameplay of Dark Daxter and also i heard that this one was dub in portuguese and i want to see the voice actors.

Ok that's all i can say for now so cya in the next blog


I'm Back on Gamespot

It's been a long time since i post on GS i got really lazzy in this last year and i got bored of Gamespot

Ok so updates since last time

Ok first of all I got Twitter account i rarely post anything there i mostly use for advertise my Youtube video's and GPTComms video which my team of commentary i will also put the links up



Youtube GPTComms:http://www.youtube.com/user/Gameplaytrough

In other acount that got is in ustream that allow you to broadcast live so yeah be sure see some my broadcast when i decide to do one


Ok i will try to do more gaming updates tomorow or another day :P and i still have to do those review

This all for now laters


Level 37 & some updates

Ok after along time I fanally level up. Hurray :D

This one is call Heiankyo Alien I don't know what game its related :P oh well.

Well since it's been such alog since I blog I guess I could gaming update.

Well I got Sonic Unleashed for ps2

Sonic Unleashed Boxshot

I have to say that the review are wrong about this game the werehog level are really fun I just don't like some part of platforming when you to grab on something you have to press the R1 but then my controller R1 is kinda broken due to over using it but when you get use to it there will be now problem and also because of platforming not being my thing on gaming. We can has the Sonic we all know and love in the day level when you actually have speed unlike Sonic 06.

I shall do a review on this game later on. Another game that I got was Dragonball Z Infinite World

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World Boxshot

Well has a fan of DBZ and gamer I had to get this game and think is not really the best game in the DBZ games I played so far. I like the story mode because almost everything that happen in DBZ some movie battles and gt battle, I also like the cut-scene in this game awesome but there aren't many of them this story mode almost does tell what's going on or why i'm beating up this guy to death that's one of the problem it this game and also because most of the thing of the game are a copy and paste of bodukai 3 but they also some new stuff that are cool. I think even it all that copy and paste it's still good game for DBZ fans.

I also gonna do review on this one later one

Let see what else oh ya. I also decide to replay Jak II yet this will prepare me for the playthrough that i'm doing on GPT I also finish doing Ratchet and Clank playthrough so go and check out if you have the time.

Oh also me and ns are thinking of Sonic Unleashed for the PS3 on GPT played by ns and I do a Let's Play Sonic Unleashed for the PS2 on own channel, just as soon I get a dazzle.

Ok just one last thing to do before I and this blog the Video of the Blog

Dear My Friend

This is one of Sonic Unleashed song

Well that's all for so see in the next blog.


Busy busy and more busy

Hey guys it's been like 3 week since the last time I blog. Reason it's because I been busy it school so couldn't do some things I planned to do like MGS3 review I said I would done.

I'm also a year older since the last time I blog I made 18 in 6 Oct. in that day I was thinking of doing RC Talk and this it would be a video this time and also a RC Jounal it Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 but since I got an extra class I had to cancel that. Also istall a software that is from my webcam it's better than the one I was using in the video that I will put down here.


I download that software on the net but the free version didn't allow me to use the full quality so I remember that my first webcam had software like that one so I decide to istall it and I did he didn't work at first but some how I fix it. :lol: . Well anyways I can use my webcam at full quality.

Ok then not for the video for this blog:

Dragon Quest VIII Clip

Oh yea this reminds me that beat Dragon Quest VIII a few weeks ago.

Well that all for now.

See next time.


It's time to blog

Hey guys guess what I'm bored so I decide to write this blog

So ya it's been almost a week since school started and so far so good my schedule is better then i though

Well anyways I should make game update since I'm doing this blog so ya.

I finished Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater before my vacation in case you didn't know this was my first MGS game I ever played I like the game I will try to play the other 3 games if I can. I will also do a review on MGS3 in the next weekend or so since I'm too lazy :P

Also in Dragon Quest VIII. Boy this game is even longer than Okami well anyway already meet the Godbird and now I believe I can fly and now I don't where should go next has aways I guess I have to check FAQ.

Well i guess that's all for gaming oh wait! If your checking my and ns playthrough on Youtube we record 6 part of KH playthrough yesterday but for some reason part 40 of playtrhough is not up yet ns upload yesterday but it was up when I check this morning well if this doesn't work we have to upload that on Veoh

Ok that's all for gaming for now

Also I'm thinking of putting video of the week again so I can blog more offen.

Now let see what should I put oh I know

Metal Gear Solid - Main Theme

Well I was also thinking of making video blog on my next blog and this time is really a video blog.

But to do I need to have a reason so please put your question so I can answer in my next blog so see ya next time.

Level 35 + RC Journal - Dragon Quest VIII

Hey guys I finally level up to level 35 - Stitches I level up a few days ago but I decide to blog this later when have something to write about.

Anyways I finally made my RC Journal it Dragon Quest VIII the reason because I didn't do this sonner is because I been playing MGS3: Snake Eater

Well anyways since GS didn't put the codes for the videos you have to follow the link

RC Journal

BTW I some times I confused Kasap it Kabuff

Well see all next time

I'm Back

Hey guys i'm back from trip to north of Portugal.

There are more playthrough since the last time update in a blog so go check it out

Also I'm kinda sad seeing that no one comment my last and put any questions oh well if you you can put your question in this blog

Anyways I got a new game it's:

Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for PS2 - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Playstation 2 - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King PS2 Game

See ya in the next blog.