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Socom 4 will be just fine without all the doubters!!!!

I dont understand people mostly grown men that cry because they feel that a game like Socom 4 isn't Socom. Man just listen to that remark how can a game Socom 4 not be Socom explain to me what Socom is cause i'm well aware that this game is what i know an loved to play since the second Socom game that came out. Just because it has new things in it doesn't make it Socom that should make the game better. Why would you want to pay money for a game that you can get on eBay for a dolllar!!!! LOL which is true. Look its 2010 i want something thats going to be up to date and fun an i think that Zipper got it going in the right direction. Another thing the Move Controller i will get onw cause i think its neat but i would use it for Socom 4 because you dont have to its a choice people. But i would like to finish off saying that this game will do well for many reason. #1 Its the only game of its kind in the market meaning by its 3rd person. #2 the screen play and the story mode looks awesome than anything I've seen. #3 This Move controller is pretty neat an i think it will bring a different look on the game. Well my Socom family thats all i have to share till next time see ya...