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@superfluousreal said:



I won't embarrass you with my GE rank and ESEA -A rank.

I wouldn't embarass myself with a LEM """"smurf"""" to start with.

"My crazy 4K clutch rank up match to Eagle". Riiiiight.

Regardless, i'm glad you're fine with last known rank because i've been unranked for literal years.

This is what i left the game with:

Can i expect you to delete your GS account now?

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@superfluousreal said:

High scoring overwatcher? Well there goes your credibility. No such thing.

And yes every casual game in CSGO has either one or more cheating, most only use a wallhack which is easy to spot by an experienced player, IE not you.

So you don't even know that overwatchers are rated to weight their vote, which is something Valve said openly back when they introduced this system, and you're trying to talk CS:GO cheating with any authority?

You're out, fool.

@superfluousreal said:

And yes every casual game in CSGO has either one or more cheating, most only use a wallhack which is easy to spot by an experienced player, IE not you.

Nah, most people just use a decent headset, which is easy to tell from a wallhack for an experienced player, IE not you.

Tell you what, if you wanna bet your GS account on whose CS:GO rank is higher, I'm game.

@superfluousreal said:

Watch every single video this guy uploads of overwatch and all are cheaters, he is Global Elite.

Of course they are, that's the kind of content he produces and that's what you came to watch, dummy.

You wouldn't even fucking be there if most of his videos ended with "gee, guess this guy's clean".

You're watching a CS:GO version of "To catch a predator" and expecting any of those dudes to be legit?

You're even dumber than i thought originally.

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@superfluousreal said:

Sorry i said 250k for a month not per 2 days, might want to recheck what you type.

I don't need to recheck anything, there's no world where it's not gonna be 250k for a month when it's 4k for a month.

Still struggling to get your head around that, do you?

@superfluousreal said:
Your tone and attitude is what stops you being plausible to anyone else.

You don't speak for anyone but yourself, so act like it.

@superfluousreal said:
You are actually biased but cannot see beyond your own inflated ego.

Biased towards what?

I was a high scoring CS:GO overwatcher for years, with lots of cheater scalps on my belt. So with me reviewing potential cheaters every day, how many cheaters, in total, lifetime, do you think i came across in my actual matches?


I know how to tell a good player from a script kiddie, but most people don't. Most people watch a cheat-related Youtube channel and think it represents the game at large, to the point where they're convinced that one is guaranteed to come across a cheater in just an hour of playtime.

Yeah, most people are damn idiots.

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@superfluousreal said:

CSGO argument did not backfire at all, bold claims.

Proven you wrong within your own chosen parameters. Denial won't help it.

@superfluousreal said:

4k in 2 days, so by a months time close to 250k? perhaps more?

The **** is this? Where are you getting these moronic ideas from?

4k is the monthly number, you imbecile. You don't have be so blatantly desperate trying to inflate it. No, it's not gonna be 250k in 2 days, it's gonna stay 4k until the next wave.

Honestly, it's kinda hilarious that you can't even comprehend that the numbers are that low. Shows how separated you are from reality, in context of both games you're bringing up.

One is allegedly rife with cheaters because you're consuming nothing but cheat-related youtube content for it, the other is allegedly rife with cheaters because you saw a big number in an article. And now there's no low you won't sink to, to try and confirm your newfound bias.

You can't even do proportions right with all numbers given to you.

The percentage is (4000х100)/2196049.

0,18 percent.

The **** outta here.

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@superfluousreal said:

You operate with nothing, i posted stats for a video game player count live vs ban rate

And what's the rationale behind comparing total player bans to concurrent players instead of total player numbers? Blatant and desperate misuse of statistics, that's what.

Because those bans make 1,5% of total players, and that doesn't go well with your narrative, is it.

Wanna make use of concurrent players stat, use concurrent bans, which last ban wave should be a sufficient substitute for. Still favoring your agenda because it's an hourly snapshot vs a stat that accumulates over a monthly period, but i will allow it just to demonstrate how much the numbers don't favour you.

4000 bans as of the last wave (2 days ago).

2.196.049 concurrent players as of this moment.

Do me the honors and calculate the percentage yourself?

So your Apex stats disprove your point full-stop, and your CS:GO argument backfired spectacularly.

Anything else?

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You're running your mouth as if you're gonna drop some indisputable stats proving your point, but then you don't.

You tripped on your own rake and trying to lay it at my feet, instead of arguing your case better.

But since personal anecdotes from yourself and some garbo youtubers is all you're operating with, i understand you're in a hopeless situation in that regard.

And assuming you actually have personal anecdotes instead of just blindly going by unwashed influencers' word is the most generous interpretation of your position at the moment.

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@superfluousreal said:

Rationality is not your thing, defensive attitude is a given when you need to defend something.

Using words as a defense mechanism is not only disingenuous but a detriment to intelligent minds of which you possibly have but choose to be rather belligerent instead of being objective.

I'm perfectly objective within the parameters you yourself have set for the argument. Don't backpedal, move the goalposts or project your defensiveness on me now after being so gaudy about it.

You got what you bargained for.

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@superfluousreal said:

Yes confirmation bias and anecdotal evidence are great but numbers do not lie and experience trumps you.

What numbers? You told me to play CS:GO for an hour and personally experience the absolute state of it, and i did. Personal experience was your sole argument, be man enough to admit it proved you horribly wrong.

The only cancer CS:GO is teeming with is Dunning-Krueger mouthbreathers crying hacks at decent players.

Cue your entry music.

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@ajstyles said:

It’s one of the biggest reasons why PC gaming sucks and servers are empty for everything.

Have you tried playing CoD on PC? LOL

There're servers full of players 24/7 for every CoD game on PC, which can't be said about consoles. You literally couldn't pick a better example to completely and utterly own yourself.

@superfluousreal said:
Those who don't notice or care, are not trying to be good at a game in the first place and typically have no clue what a cheater looks like unless they full on rage mode and destroy an entire server with aimbot / spinbot.

People who are actually good at the game are the last ones to call hacks because they know what a good player is capable of. It's Dunning-Krueger losers like yourself that think themselves the highest bar of human capabilities, therefore anyone that beats you is a certain cheater.

@superfluousreal said:

Play Counter Strike Global Offensive for an hour and tell us again how cheating is such a small minority. LOL

Did exactly that last month after 2 years break. Won the match playing with a wrong mouse sens, got called a cheater and VAC-reported by the entire team of your mental brethren. Wouldn't surprise me if they'd made a thread about it on that dumpster fire witchhunt subreddit you're plugging here.

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@Sagemode87 said:

@raining51: What makes 9 better? I love 9 but people are making it seem like the MK2 of the series.

Classic lineup, classic mechanics with some tweaks paired with great presentation and best-in-genre story mode. Not perfect, but it played to the series' strengths.

Now they're adding all that multiple stances trash, that seems to be NRS' idea of depth, which made the series irrelevant in PS2/Xbox era to begin with.