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The Gerstmann Affair

By now I'm sure most of the gaming community has heard or read about Jeff Gerstmann's unjust firing from GameSpot. This controversy has shaken the industry and horrified fans and users of the site. Much has been said already. Probably too much. What I dislike most about this situation is the tragic irony behind it. Jeff Gerstmann is a truly unique personality, a personality none of us would know or recognise were it not for the power of the internet. But like a swarm of angry locus descending on a lone animal, GameSpot members (Including myself with this blog post), gamers and bloggers alike have added their wood to the flames of this "internet rumour".

Before you stop reading I'm not accusing any GameSpot members or bloggers of purposeful adding to this controversy. I'm merely pointing out the fact that the internet continues cause such a mismatch of information, and especially the truth. Personally I found many of the blog posts by community members (Shifty_Pete, Dirk13, subrosian, JonathanL and many more) to be extremely refreshing. Listening to their thoughts on the event and their own opinions on Jeff. I'd like to say "thanks" to you, because some positives have come out of this terrible affair.

Once again, we, as an online community, the "GameSpot Community" were united in shock and disbelief that something so immoral should happen in our haven. For once we weren't messaging foolish comments about being "fanboys" (following by a series of inappropriate words) back n' forth. We weren't "dissing" gaming icons in the forums, just because they're exclusive to another system. We were talking about someone who affected our digestion of gaming media on a daily basis. For once, GameSpot was less about competition and more about cooperation. And that's good for all us gamers.

I don't think we'll know the whole truth about Jeff's firing anytime soon. But we all know that Jeff was a "Game Guru" who truly will be missed by all. Wit, charm and bit of a sadistically satirical nature made Jeff Gerstmann so likeable, to so many of us. I hope we can look back on this and be stronger as a community because of it.

Jeff we salute you.