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TAGGED: 5 slices of R-Force info


Yeah. The title says it all. I too have been caught by the (near) deadly 'Tag Virus'. The T-Virus. (hiss) :P Stanblocker got me.

Well here go's:

1. I own practically all Gorillaz singles, albums, remixes, demos and unreleased tracks.

2. My best friend and I use to know every word (minus the Chinese) to Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. But we haven't been able took keep it up.

3. I got my PSP at launch (1.9.05) and I also own an Xbox with more than 20 games. :shock:

4. I have never had a MySpace or Facebook account.

5. I love modern or abstract theatre and am currently preparing for my final A2 Theatre Studies exam. :)

Well that's it. But, now it's time for my favourite part: the announcement of my chosen FIVE! Drum roll please: darkgamerx2k, t-roland (TAGGED and UNTAGGED), Anamosa41, marbles01 and mad_tyger (UNTAGGED... but too late). (My heartiest apologies to you all).

You just got tagged!