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Stats Report

Hey people,

Since I've gained several new emblems in the last few weeks and achieved some personal mile-stones, I thought now would be a great time to post my first 'Stats Update'. Hopefully you'll find something that interests you too so this doesn't just become another blog with someone banging the drum about their latest emblem! :P

To start with let's begin with my videos. I started posting them late last year, with my premier video being a short tribute to Gorillaz. I recently uploaded my 50th video and continuing this theme it was Gorillaz music video for 'Dirty Harry'. So after a full year of Feel Good Inc. here's something else for you all to enjoy:


(with thanks to StanBlocker for actually helping me get the thing in this window!)

Perhaps the most important news however is the 200th game in my collection: Folklore. I'm sure we all have more than 200 games if we choose to include every single game we own. But I wanted to wait for something new to hail as the 200th game in the my collection. I'm not that much of an RPG fan so 'Folklore' gets the honour for being a little original and having a dark, compelling tale to boot!

Having gained the serious collector's emblem this now brings my total emblem count to 22. No Biohazard emblem for me yet though. Just got to keep trying then. ;)

Two weeks ago I passed the 100 tracks' mark, making some new friends alone the way. Kudos guys. This post also seems very fitting for my 20th blog post. I'm currently on 75 Union posts. The forums posts have been relatively minimal from me, 633 (with a target of 1000). I currently have just 7 reviews available, and they are all for PS1 games. But fear not. More are on the way shortly. Over in "tagland" I've managed to place over 20,500 tags and currently have 4411 separate tags (with a target of 5000). And finally, in the small print, I've rated over 225 games, uploaded (just) 11 images, read 39900 messages and my profile has currently had 4108 views (again, with a target of 5000).

Well that concludes this short round up of my GameSpot achievements so far. Speak to you all soon and feel free to leave a comment.