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Patapon Press Pack [PHOTOS]

introducing the craziest game since LocoRoco...

Last week, the fantastic hosts of the GameSpot UK Podcast (and Sony) released 3 copies of the very limited, Patapon Press Pack. I was lucky enough to be one of those winners. Patapon is one of the most unique games I've played in a while. The Rhythm based nature of the gameplay becomes mesmerising at times, as you watch your Patapon troops chant and chorus to the beat of your drums. Having only played the game for a short time I'm just getting use to the troop types, resurrections, upgrades and dancing trees! The game is definitely deeper than it may look at first glance. Thanks GSUK team. ;)

What's in the box?

Press Drum

Promo UMD of Patapon, Press Kit CD, stickers and folding artcard

Maddest. Game. Ever.

Well time for me to get back to leading my legions of loyal followers to victory over the evil Zigotons. Pata-Pata...