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I'm Back! :D

Yes its true, I am back. As my last blog post said, i left GS because school became too overwhelming for me to go on GS, so i took a break. :( but now i am back and hopefully to stay too :)

Leaving Gamespot

As the title suggest, i am leaving Gamespot (for those who dont know me, i am simply leaving the website as a user; i do not work for Gamespot). Last semester, i was able to get my homework done, and even study for midterms and final exams, and still make time for Gamespot. However, over the past few days, events have made it clear that i have to leave, for i cannot find a minute in my schedule to post in OT, make blogs or blog comments for that matter, watch videos, read game reviews/make them myself, listen to On the Spot, or even watch Behind the Games. This semester, i am just overwhelmed by the sure volume of work that i have been given by my professeurs. I am not even taking that many units, just 17. However, the classes seem to demand a lot from me. In conclusion, i spend most, if not all of my time, in my dorm room, doing math problems and reading. Tempted as i may be to turn on my laptop and go on GS (for as any of you know, i would love to do that), i just can't. I know that if i do, i will not get my homework done, and therefore not understand the material, and in time, i would fail my classes. Hopefully all of you will understand y i am leaving, and i hope it doesnt make you too sad (or too happy, for some of you putzes that hated me. :P hahaha oh well, i guess you had a good reason for doing so, lol); i will be back though, possibly in the summer when i have an abundance of time on my hands. :) I thank everyone that was my friend on GS, and i have to admit, this site is probably the best website out there on the www.

Thanx again (especially for reading this long-a$$ blog haha :lol: ), Putz

New Noob Banner!!!

Yeah yeah yeah, i know, its a poo poo poo banner. but it still took me a long time to make haha.

If i had to give it a rating id give it a 5/10 which equals an F lol :lol:

but at least i like it :D

JustPlainLucas: Where are you? :(

Soo as usual, i try to post on my friends's blogs, so i start out the routine by clicking on the link called "updates". then i click on the second link called "friend's blogs". i scrolled down and started commenting. i clicked on the old time regular, JustPlainLucas. when i did, i saw that he was banned. this shocked me soo much. i dont even know the guy but all i know is that this guy has been a GS member forever! and now hes banned. wut happened? :(

Went to Tahoe for Vacation

So i went to Tahoe for vaction this past week, and i have to say it was a lot of fun. I went a total of 3 days snowboarding. The first day, i went to Boreal. Then the second and third day i went to Northstar. i fell a lot, but i felt that i got a little bit better which im happy for. :D

I Went to Boreal

I just came back from Boreal, Tahoe from a snowboarding trip. :D It was a lot of fun. Sure im a horrible snowboarder, but im getting better and i had a really good time :).

Im Back Again Everyone!!!!!!!! :D

Man i though that those 10 days being gone were the longest days of my life, but the 2 days that i was gone for seemed to me to be longer. anywyas Im Back!!!!!!! :D ....Again!!!! :D sigh** lets see if i can be smart this time and stay a good little boy. :)
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