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Rezzed 2013

I caught sight of something over at RockPaperShotgun, a new PC Gaming event: Rezzed. Think of this as E3 but done by people who care about the PC platform and know how to discuss it (Anytime someone at E3 tried talking about PC made me cringe). I hope there will be live streaming. The indie scene, as I have mentioned before, is really the only thing keeping gaming interesting for me for the most part so for a show to be built around indie games and the PC platform is great news.



Demos From Unlikely Places

In the last couple months it seems like there has been a healthy increase in the number of demos available for games on PC. This is good news but also bad news in a way. The majority of those demos have been for indie games that cost less than $20. Going back to December  there have been only 3 demos released on Steam for games that cost more than $20. Of those three demos only one was from a major publisher (Activision) whie the other two were from SCS Software and Kalypso software.


The problem I have with this is I believe we should be getting more demos for games that are asking $50-60 of our hard earned money instead of demos for games that are less than $20 which we are probably more likely to take a chance on anyway. What does it say when a company who is asking for less than $20 of our money is willing to let us play their game before handing over the cash and other publishers are asking for up to three times the money without as much as offering us a thirty minute trial to put us at ease.


I think I can answer my own question: people see a game from a well known publisher and are far more likely to hand over $60 and ask no questions. Most of these gamers probably don't follow a lot of gaming news and probably don't try a lot of games from lesser known publishers and developers. I know I am far less likely to buy a game from EA, Activision, Ubisoft, or Take Two because I have been burned by them for a lot of money for a lot of games that turned out to not be worth $60 but I am the minority.


Out of the last eight games that have been from big studios and have retailed for $50-60 at launch that I have played I would say four of them were worth that price. That is pretty sad. Luckily where I work I get a decent amount of games for free. Out of those eight big name games I only had to pay for four of them.

Sadly I don't see this issue changing any time soon. Oh well, I have found a ton of great indie games lately that are cheap and gave me a demo.

Star Citizen

I was introduced to a crowd funded game caleld Star Citizen today. It took only an 11 minute video from the creator to make me hand him $30. I don't usually play space sim games but his ideas really drew me in. I love the fact that he is planning a single player campaign for people like myself who don't usually play online. I love his dedication to the PC platform and lastly I love the guys raw passion about his game. If any of you haven't heard of this and enjoy space sims then I suggest you take a look as you can still hop on board and help fund it.

The PC Elitist

I just thought I would give a shout out to a favorite Youtube channel of mine: The PC Elitist. It is a couple guys (Woodsie and Shepherd) who are fans of PC gaming and they get together and talk about many different issues and topics in PC gaming. If you are a PC gamer and are looking for a fresh take on the platform we love I would go take a look:

I am not paid in any way by them, I just think they are awesome.

One Difficulty

The thought has occured to me that games may see an improvement if there were no options for difficulty setting. The developer wouldn't have to spend time tweaking the game for harder settings or easier settings. We would just get the game as it was envisioned by the developers. Ideally we wouldn't have to listen to people say stuff like they beat the game properly, or how they truly beat the game. Maybe that last one is just wishfull thinking.

I can't see many arguments against the idea that by having just one difficulty setting that it would save time in coding. That free time could be better spent on quality testing the game for bugs before launch. Maybe that is just wishfull thinking as well. The man hours saved could just be used to reduce the budget of the game. Maybe the publisher would pass that savings onto us. Yeah I doubt that would happen as well. Well even if the consumer doesn't directly benefit, having a game with a lower cost is a good thing.

I'm sure man of you have to listen to those types who like to brag about their gaming prowness based on what difficulty setting they play on. Having one setting probably won't stop them but as long as I am wishing for cheaper games with less bugs why should I stop ? :)

I guess in the end sometimes I am curious what the developers true vision for the game was. If they didn't have to think about difficulty or anything like that, just what did they want the game to be ? Thoughts ?

I Lasted Just 2 Hours in F.3.A.R.

I lasted all of just 2 hours in F.3.A.R. (F.E.A.R. 3) before I quit and decided never to play it again. I hate games that have enemies that can throw an infinite amount of henchmen at you. F.3.A.R. had "Warp Commanders" who would take no damage unless he was warping in enemies. So you had to kill all the bad guys, get a few potshots in on him while he was warping in a fresh wave of bad guys, and then rinse wash and repeat. I would prefer that the enemies I had to face were smarter, you know like in F.E.A.R. (the 1st one). The AI in F.3.A.R. was terrible and the game was very easy even on the hardest setting with exception to their cheap mini bosses like the warp commander. I just think having the ability to summon an infinite amount of henchmen is a cheap tactic and a cop out to writing good AI. People may assume I don't like games like Serious Sam when in fact I do. Because even in Serious Sam there is an end to the madness. You have to gun down large amounts of enemies but there is only a finite amount of them. These warp commanders could go on forever.

To some this may be something you enjoy or don't mind, for me it was a gamebreaker and I regret the $20 I spent on F.3.A.R. It should be ashamed to carry the F.E.A.R. name. F.E.A.R. pushed graphics for it's time, created a great atmosphere, and still has some of the best AI out there. F.3.A.R. doesn't come close to doing any of that.

Got Mass Effect 3 on Preorder

I don't usually preorder games but if there's one series I cling my faith to it's Mass Effect. I only put down $5 but that's all I usually do plus I am without full-time work so putting down the whole $80 for the collectors edition is a huge issue for me. I just hope the single player experience is up to par and not ruined by the multiplayer.

Got Fired Today

I got fired today. For all things it was because I told my co-op student to turn a laptop off and then remove the hard drive from it. I come back in the room after a few minutes and he asks me what the light on the laptop was. I told him that it was on because he hadn't turned the lap off first like I told him. I then called him an idiot. This was a customers laptop so I was worried he possibly had corrupted any data on there. Me calling him an idiot got me fired. If you ask me not turning off the laptop first is a pretty idiotic thing to do so I stand by my comment. Just needed to vent I guess.

Upgraded from 4GB to 8GB RAM

I just upgraded from 4Gb to 8GB of RAM and wow is the difference noticable. Programs open so much faster. I didn't think I would see such a big difference but i'm glad I do. Well worth the $28 after taxes I spent. If there's any user out there pondering going from 4GB to 8GB I say pull the trigger. My next pay cheque if my computer store I go has any left I am getting another 4GB to go to 12GB just because it's cheap.

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