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I've imported FFIV DS!

Jesus, I haven't posted a blog for ages! Hi everyone again!

Anyway, i've imported FFIV DS from the US, and it's amazing! I loved the FFIII remake, but I think this one is better. And that's hard to get better than that, but it's done it. I've never played the original, PS or GBA versions of this game so I can't really tell you if it's better than them, but all the reviews say it is. I would seriously recommend buying it and if any other Europeans want to buy it here is the link on It's free postage as well and it came for me in 2 days so I was more than happy. :D Oh yeah, it's £23.99 so pretty good price.

SSBB is mine!

They finally decided to release it in PAL regions (took them long enough) . I'll stick my number up with my other numbers for online (Above this). Please PM me if you add me so I can add you! See ya!

I Got An iPod Classic!

It's a million times better than my shuffle! It's 80GB, black and 100% awesome! It can hold 20000 songs and thats the smallest size you can get it in! I've put all my songs plus loads of YouTube videos on it, and i've put Borat, Hot Fuzz, 300 and some other films on it. Even then it's not even 1/4 full! I would definatly recommend getting one.

My Birthday Today + Mario Kart Wii!

I got Mario Kart Wii for my birthday! Already completed 50cc with Bowser, and i'll probs do most of 100cc tomorrow. I know, its been out for ages here, but since my birthday was close to the release date... I also got a Kazakhstan rugby top which is awesome- on the back it says "Cultural Learnings of Rugby for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" for all you Borat fans out there (me obviously being one of them :P ) Hope everyone else had a nice day! See ya! Shaun

Tales of Symphonia II renamed!

It was going to be calles ToS: Knights of Ratatosk, but now it's calles ToS: Dawn of the New World. Here is the link. If any of you have played the first one and liked it, you will love this one. You get to capture your enemies and make them fight with you now plus it still has the real time fighting. Very excited about this one.

Funniest Thing You Will Ever See + Compilation Video!

Funny first. Neg's Urban Sports from Balls of Steel. A few of you may have seen it, but most won't. Here is the link. Basically, one of the guys from the Balls of Steel crew is called Neg (pronounced to sound like ledge) and he goes and steals security tags from shops so he sets off the alarms and gets the security to chase him. It's almost as funny as Borat. Almost, but just not. Still Hilarious.

Secondly, compilation video - I've put all my Bullet Bill Videos together and added music (Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends) a title, credits and checkerboards and other things between the races. Here is the link. Enjoy!

3 Speed Run Videos!

My first 3 videos! Yay! I don't have Hypercam or anything like that to film DS screens so I had to do with my dad's 4 MegaPixel Digital Camera (which has the smallest memory on it's memory card ever, so I could only film some shorter tracks). Anyway, they're speed run videos for Mario Kart DS, where I have Bullet Bill for the whole Time Trial. It's not sped up or anything- you can check the times at the end. I used Action Replay so that I could go as Bullet Bill the whole race. Let me emphasise - I virtually never use Action Replay, and even then, I always complete the game first before using it to muck about. Well, here are the vids. Enjoy:P

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. I was up in Aberdeen with friends, so sorry if you PMd me. Most snow I have ever seen in my life, apart from on TV. There were blizzards for a short period but now i'm back home and there's absolutely no snow here. For some reason my council have now fixed the school holiday for Easter, so we're having a long weekend now, back to school tomorrow for two weeks, then off for two weeks for the main holiday. It's one of the stupidest ideas ever if you ask me.
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